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Left talktalk but still being billed

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I left Talktalk last week on 23rd June and moved to Sky. As both are on the Openreach network the cancellation etc are dealt with by the providers. On the morning of the 23rd my Talktalk phone and broadband were cut off (I woke up to find it all not working), in the evening my Sky service went live and I assumed everything was fine. However, over the weekend I received a bill from Talktalk for next months service.
I spent 2 hours on the chat and spoke to 6 different agents, none of whom were able to resolve the issue.
Talktalk still thinks it is providing my service, which it isn't my FTTP speed has tripled so I know I'm on a new service. Also my phone number has migrated to Sky so I know that Talktalk have been informed of the cancellation.
I'm stuck now paying twice and I don't know how to take this forward.


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Its strange as we did not get any contact from Sky,  Once the cease completes on the 3rd a credit will be added to your account for any over payments made, you will then be able to request a refund.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


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Hi Thank you for the reply.  On Monday I spent about an hour on the phone and was transferred to 6 different people.  The final one managed to cancel my account with effect from 03/07/22 as you said.

My number was definitely ported to Sky on 23/06/22, it was the first thing I checked when my service went live with them.  It's the same number I have had for 10 years, and is why I am sure that Talktalk was informed about the switch.  Hence why I was so surprised that Talktalk kept billing me after my phone number and broadband had moved to another supplier.


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Hi RossD1


Your account is showing as cancelling on the 03.07.22, Are you sure sky haven't given you a new landline number as they would usually contact us to start the process and we have had no contact. 


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@RossD1, your thread is in a queue for attention and it can take a day or two for staff to reply.


I'll move the other one out of the way.


Please stick to just this one to avoid confusion. 


Talktalk would always bill a full month and then bill again with a credit in your account the following month, to reimburse you for unused days.


You then need to claim your refund via My Account. 


This would be the usual procedure, so it can take a 3rd month for you to receive a truly final bill for £0.00.


If this is FTTP it may that communication between the companies has not been done correctly. 


You might want to check with the Future Fibre team on 03451 720074 to check what is happening at Talktalk's end.


For staff to identify your account via the forum, please complete your community forum profile details. Go via your avatar/name; settings and use the drop down menu for Personal Information.  Add anything extra in Private Notes, at the end of that section. SAVE CHANGES. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Just spent a long time on the phone to Talktalk who just insist that my account is still active and they are still providing my broadband and phone service, eventually I was transferred and the call dropped!!  There seems to be no one either on the phone or through the webchat who is able to deal with the fact that I am no longer a customer, I just get stuck in an endless loop of "I can't deal with this I'll transfer you"

I was a Talktalk customer for years but this is a massive headache.