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Lowell chasing for £507 for two unrecognised accounts - letters sent to a new house address

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Please can we have some help with 2 unrecognised accounts with TalkTalk for which Lowell are chasing for £507.


Apparently they purchased both of these accounts on 23/3/17 but have not provided any details apart from account numbers. we have looked through all of our email addresses for the family and found no reference to these accounts. We have always cancelled/switched our contracts appropriately so these charges are highly unexpected for us. Therefore we need support from TalkTalk with:


-details of these accounts

-details of why these balances are apparently due

-subject access request for both of these accounts for all correspondence regarding these accounts

-details of any impacts on credit ratings - reports sent to agencies


I am unable to update my profile with the phone numbers for these accounts as we do not recognise them. Therefore we will be dependent on a customer services advisor calling or PMing to provide account numbers to yourselves.


This a very serious matter and so we appreciate your prompt support. Lovell do not hold any details apart from the amount apparently owed to them. We need all correspondence through a subject access request to show why this money is apparently owed.


Thank you very much


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Thanks Arne - I've messaged you

Unfortunately the issue is that the DCA holds no details either, so there seems to be something going wrong in the process where TalkTalk sell their debts to Lowell. In my opinion Lowell should have full details of accounts in order to try and enforce the debt, but apparently they have very little.


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Hi nic1987


As the accounts where from 2017,  as ferguson mentioned we may not be able to discuss this with you for data protection reasons. but if you want to PM me the account numbers I can have a look.


At the end of the day the debt has been sold on so there isn't much we can do it will have to be a discussion with the DCA company. 

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Evening Ferguson.

Nothing in our records pertaining to these accounts. Like a lot of families we have had several accounts with most of the big isps, but none of the correspondence we have has these account numbers.


Lovell apparently purchased these accounts in March 2017. This is the first correspondence we have received from them. A quick Google and I saw that the debt collection company that talktalk sell their account to have several stories like this.


Unfortunately the customer is the one put at risk with ccjs etc - people can't buy houses because of these poor practices


Fortunately all we are at risk of losing is £507. Nothing much!


The first point will be to confirm which address these accounts pertain to and the debt is not past the 6 years limit. Why talktalk (the letter comes from them)  and lovell don't include this information is anyone's guess. Then to ensure that no erroneous defaults have been put on our credit files. Like the previous commentor said it unfortunately usually falls on the customers to sort the errors that these companies produce.


Will keep these post updated with my progress as unfortunately an Internet search shows we aren't alone in these mystery bills appearing from lovell and talktalk



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So you have no recollection of being a customer of TalkTalk in the past, or any records of previous bills etc?


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Is that not precisely the problem? That we apparently owe talktalk £507 but have been given nothing but account numbers. My point is that I don't think I owe this or these are my accounts but I can't know that unless one of the organisations gives some information about the accounts other than numbers which we do not have any records pertaining to. Till some evidence is shared it is our word against theirs but unfortunately they have the power of ccjs on their side.


Here's hoping for some support from the usually supportive community teams!


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Hmm, unless these accounts relate to you then you have no right to ask for any information about them. Is it the address you are now at which is associated with these debts? Or a previous one? 


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hi thanks for your thoughts

its a shame its so hard to determine the best way to get support with complicated issues like this. I can see from previous forum posts that this team can provide support getting details of previous accounts


I am hoping that the team here will kindly link me into the correct departments and begin the process of investigating this (the alternative being leaving us with no support at all, as Lovell have no details)


Thanks for the tip on the SAR, I have made this request though there is no data protection officer email address which makes the process more difficult than it should be


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@nic1987  With GDPR rules as they are, staff here are not likely to be assist.


Callbacks do not happen here and staff certainly do not have access to the likes of credit file reporting.


Check the CRAs yourself to see what has or has not been recorded.


Suggest you make a SAR request in writing to TalkTalk.