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Here’s a very good idea, try being loyal to your long standing customers!
Having been with TT for over ten years my contract is due to end on the 21/01/2020.
I phoned retentions to hopefully get a deal and I’ve ended up leaving and going to plusnet.
On the uswitch site any new customer can have unlimited superfast broadband 67mb, a new wifi hub (something I had to pay £30 for) on a 18 month contract for £21.95, when I asked for this deal I was told no I can’t have it.
That is ridiculous talktalk I’ve spent thousands of pounds with you over the last ten years and any Tom *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* or Harry can have a better deal than me
To say that I’m upset and disgusted is an understatement!


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I've had a good experience so far, the switch was easy and I was kept informed what was happening all the way through.

I found the best deal for switching was through uswitch, I got superfast broadband 66mg average for £24.99 per month but with a £70 cash back which brings it down to £21.11 per month.

I'm happy with my deal.

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I will be leaving talktalk soon.  How has PlusNet been with you so far @Mopples ?

Im thinking i will give them a try next.

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I didn't, I'm now with PlusNet.

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@Mopples  how did u get on renewing with them

Hope that help Regards Joe
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@Mopples  we have found the same but i can not see why u can not apply for it as we have been told for our gas and electricity we could find a better deal on a 3 party site and apply for it even when we are currently with them.


i would have raised it as a issue and had it sent to the ceo office for their help as they are the highest u can go to a degree


OCE any info would be good

Hope that help Regards Joe
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