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My package is fibre 65 @ £22 per month package


Home broadband goes live, engineer came to do what he needed.


First payment taken by Direct debit at £23.45 (extra £1.45) no idea what from as I don't have a house phone or any TV addon packages.

Email from talk talk saying I owe £5.06 which was due on the 20th of my first payment. When logging online it says this is payable and can be paid directly?

On my account summary it shows £28.51 which will be taken on 27th this month in few days and it shows the date from 11th Sept to 17th Sept.

Key info

I did change my DD on 20/21st to be end of month no sure if they charge to change it because it didn't state when doing so.

My question is when will do I actually pay £22 a month and on 27th in few days if im paying £28.51 thats just paying again of what i paid on 20th.... im just confused


Insightful One
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Ok @kikinet I don't work for TalkTalk so I can't see your bills or account details apart from the screenshot you posted here, but just going on that plus the other information you have given , I'm going to have an educated guess at the situation.


The first thing you have to understand is that TalkTalk bill one month in advance each month form the billing date.


I'm guessing your first bill was produced on the 11th August and normally would cover the month ahead from 11th August to 10th September but since this is your very first bill and your service started on the 9th, a couple of days before the first bill was produced, you will also be charged for that extra initial period of service from 9th to 10th August - so the bill at that point would have been £22 for the month in advance plus £1.45 for the initial 2 days' service (£22*12months/365days in year*2days service to pay for=approx. £1.45)


You then changed your DD payment date, so TalkTalk have changed your billing date from the 11th of the month to the 18th of the month to accommodate that. Since you had already been billed in advance up to 10th September, and your next bill will now not be due until 18th of September, this now creates a period from 11th to 17th September which you will need to pay for to get things back in sync. This is the £5.06 bill you posted in the screenshot (£22*12months/365days in year*7days service to pay for=approx. £5.06).

This gives your total bill of £22+£1.45+5.06=£28.51

If a payment of £23.45 has already been taken on the 20th then that will be deducted from the £28.51 and the amount taken on the 27th will just be the remainder of £5.06. You should be able to see what your account balance is currently in the "Bills & Payments" section of MyAccount.


Going forward, your bills from the 18th September onwards should just be the standard £22 monthly charge.


Just one more point in case you are unaware, if you click on the little blue down arrow symbols on the right hand side of entries in your bills they will expand out to show you more detail about that entry.



Support Team
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Hi @kikinet 


I can see that you have since called in and its been explained when the next payment will be due. 


Any further questions let us know.




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Can you check the Transaction history in My Account to see if the first payment has already been accounted for?