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I have received a letter from you saying your monthly bill emails don't seem to be reaching my inbox and I will be charged £2.75 for paper bills from next month if I don't update my email.  You advise me to contact my email provider.


You are my email provider obscured for customer security

I successfully send and receive emails several times a week to TalkTalk Help & Support Community - Never Ending Single Word Thread.

I have just logged in successfully with the same email and checked my details which are correct as they have been for many years.

TalkTalk emails do not go to my junk or spam folders which I check anyway on a regular basis.

My monthy bills are being paid so how do you justify charging me just because there is a problem with an email? The problem is at your end not mine.

I successfully last received an email fromTalkTalk on 07/04/2022



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Hi Ribbleman 


The best solution is to change your MyAccount login to a non-TalkTalk email address.  It's actually the preferred and more secure option for your MyAccount to use an external email address and a unique MyAccount password rather then using the same password as the tiscali email login.


The reason you're getting the notification is that the TalkTalk billing system has failed to get the billing notification to your tiscali mailbox. There was a tiscali DNS fail recently so I expect the billing email went out just at that time.  The billing system then logs a fail to receive and will not send out any more mail messages to that address. This is simply a protection for the billing system sender so it doesn't get blacklisted by mail services that may continue to reject the inbound mail. 


Just go to  MyAccount to change the Login Details.

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