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Mastercard offer - from July

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I have emailed broadbandchoices and zendesk multiple times chasing the mastercard reward I was offered by talktalk. I have got nowhere with them so please could someone from your team look into this for me


Latest email I have sent to broadband choices:

I have sent multiple emails about this claim to your team
Please could I have this voucher as I am relying on it to buy some Christmas presents for my niece. Please respond to this email I am trying really hard to hear back from yourselves. 


talktalk fibre 65 broadband

purchase date 26/27th July

activation date 6th August


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Hi Arne - I put a complaint in about the issues I had with live chat operatives and trying to chase this voucher down. The gentleman dealing with that has kindly liaised with Giftcloud regarding my voucher and is investigating why these processes are failing so badly. Anyone else facing these issues, I recommend you use the complaints procedure or you could try the Resolver site. This community board is also much more helpful than live chat where I wasted an hour of my life (again! Why don't I learn!!!).


all the best folks


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Can you confirm the amount the voucher was for?  


I can escalate it then. 

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Your thread is in the queue for attention, @nic1987. This board isn't manned every day, so if it's not picked up today, please look out for a reply after the weekend. 


It's best just to wait for a response rather than posting further, to keep your thread moving forward in the workflow. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Also to let you know:

I have added my landline and email address to my profile already

I have added all the email addresses to safesenders

I have checked my spam folders

I have emailed zencloud/broadbandchoices multiple times - all direct back to talktalk though my purchase was made through broadbandchoices. The actual purchase was made on the talktalk website so this may be why the responsibiity is coming back to talktalk


Please could you look into why I have not received my reward


Also please can you do some work to clarify the processes for getting these rewards. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to chase these down, and from the forum I can see I am not the only one. I can only imagine how many people forget about this deal and never chase it down because its just too much trouble.