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Message for Ady

First Timer
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Hello Ady, thank you for contacting me.  I am very unhappy with the two bills I received since changing to Fibre 150.  I spoke to the Talktalk rep who informed me 'to take the deal now as it is in demand'.  At the time I contacted Talktalk it was 26 Jan 2021 and I was just enquiring as my package runs out in May 2021. 

The rep convinced me it was a good deal as stated above and told me 'the package is way cheaper' and quoted me 'the first 6 months your bill will be £20.00 for Fibre 150. After 6 months for the next 12 months it will be £26.00.'  She confirmed it will include all my telephone calls. I really had to drag the information out of the Rep to be absolutely sure what I was signing up to.  You can see the transcript.

I am very unhappy as at no time did she inform me that my bills would increase until this package was started.  For 2 months my bill was £40.88 on 26 Feb and £35.95 on 26 March. You will see that every month prior to this my bill was £28.00 on my package.  I tried to contact talktalk unsuccessfully on a number of occasions after my first bill. Then I read expect a higher bill for the first month and I thought this was then the reason.  My package run out in May 2021 and I was not informed at anytime I would have increases.  I am very dissatisfied about this.  The assistant yesterday credited me £7.95 for March, but this still leaves £12.88 in excess of my usual billing which was £28.00 per month.  I had no idea my telephone billing would increase.

I would like to see that talktalk reimburse me for £12.88 for February as a matter of goodwill. I feel let down and dissatisfied by talktalk.  I have been a customer with you for over 15 years.


I await your favourable response please.




Support Team
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Hi @caroltimbuctu


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




Community Star
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Sorry to see that you have been having issues with your billing. If you would like the support team here to look into this for you make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk landline number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond.