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Missing £75 Voucher

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On September I joined Talktalk through uSwitch and one reason I decided to chose that provider is because they were offering a 75£ voucher which I could use for Amazon. They said I would have to wait up to 90 days to receive it .

It's been now over 90 days but I haven't received anything yet. I called Talktalk customer service but they said that the third party are responsible for this so I was given an email address,

I have emailed them and have attached emails that prove the offer as well as a bill statement to show that I remain a customer but I don't understand why is it that I am the one having to chase this issue? I  also saw in the online community that this is an often problem . It seems to me that this might be a practice that your company uses in order to attract more customers but with no intention to honour that offer. And in that case that could be seen as fraud by false representation. 


There many threads in this community that prove Talktalk is fully aware of the problem but you are not willing to solve it . You can't possibly say that "the third party members are responsible" as the offer is made from Talktalk , on behalf of your name and it is your responsibility to make sure that the third party members are doing their job.


Unless , as I have mentioned, you intentionally following this practice.


I will be waiting for a response and a solution for this issue. I would also suggest for you to investigate the problem in a wider range . 


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I'm in the same boat and completely agree with what you've said! Did you get your voucher in the end?