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Missing payments?

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Hi there.

Can someone please help with this.

I've been talking to several people on twitter messaging regarding this. 

On the 7th of this month I went to make a payment via my account,  when the site went to process it, the site threw an error up saying 'Oops there seems to be an error' click the link to try again. So I did that and it started the card paymentry process saying 's don't refresh or press back, then the same error came up and the same link, so I clicked try again, the site again seemed to start the card payment process again then the same error came up, I looked at the top of my screen and my card provider sent 2x notification's saying the amount had been taken twice. Now I spoke to ur customer services that day and was advised that no payment had been made and to wait 24 hrs, I did that and when I contacted them again via Twitter, I was told that the account was still awaiting payment?! So not to confuse the matter, yesterday I used my partners card to make yet another payment and that went through fine and today it shows the balance is clear, yet I'm still missing 2x payments from my card, I need this escalating to your fiance department as I can only assume the money is 'in holding'. For these payments I did not receive any confirmation for these payments for yourself as I normally would. But I have 2 payments showing on my card statement and can provide receipts for both of these transactions. 


Please could someone capable look into this and preferably your accounts department who can check your bank for this holding amount. 




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Hi @wowwow


Thanks for confirming security. 


I will ask our billing team to check for any pending payments, I presume that card you used was the usual card that you have used previously on your account.  


Community Star
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Unfortunately staff are unlikely to reply before Monday, @wowwow, as they don't usually work weekends. 


If you feel worried, I'd follow up Martswain's advice and check what's happening with the card company. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hiya. I've gone through the security questions if you'd like to check.


Support Team
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Hi @wowwow


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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@wowwow  suggest you call your card company as the two failed payments may just be showing as "pending" and will possibly drop off your account within a few days as they did not complete.