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Monthly Allowance

First Timer
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Please please can someone help me I’ve called customer service several times and asked them to reduce my monthly allowance to £0 as I am the bill payer and account holder but do not live in the property anymore due to severe domestic abuse. I am currently in a safe house. My ex is running up bills by ordering movies. I’ve taken off Talk Talk TV and asked for my monthly allowance to be set to £0 and a block on outgoing calls and a block on rental movies. I was assured on Thursday the block and removal of talk talk tv would be in place by Friday at 4pm. I’ve woke up this morning to an email saying I’ve used more of my monthly allowance and to my distress my ex parter and ordered another movie. He ordered it at 9.15pm last night. Hours after I was assured the block would be firmly in place. Can someone please please help me I have low income and can’t return to the property due to my safety. I have tried changing PIN number on TV but the page you would do this by is currently not available. If I call Talk Talk for the 5th time will they actually do what they have promised 


Support Team
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Hi @MDowning, 


We really need to help with this as quickly as we can.  I'll send you a private message to complete some security details to allow me to access your account, then i'll get working on this.





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I'll move this to the Billing section, as that's really the more relevant board for this situation, @MDowning .


Please look out for a reply there next week. 


I'll move your duplicate thread out of the way!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you so so much 


Community Star
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Unfortunately staff are not back before Monday on the forum,  @MDowning .


To help them identify your account and follow this up, please complete your community forum profile details. You need to go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard, and it is important to add the Talktalk landline in question in there.


As you have already phoned Talktalk about this, try speaking to Chat to follow up today. Ask them to check that the changes you required have now been applied. Sometimes they can take a day or two to take effect. 


Chat is available after 9am from the link on this page:


It shows with a blue background banner when available and a full list of opening hours is detailed there.


You should be able to see the changes to the call allowance etc also when you sign into My Account. 


I will ensure that this thread is flagged for attention when staff return. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.