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Monthly Price Increase - Fixed Price Package

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Sent an email to customer services but it was bounced back and suggested I come here, below is the mail  sent edited to remove personal info but I think it will still convey the problem.
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I have received an email this morning advising me that the cost of my Fibre 65 package is increasing by £2.50 per month from the 11th July 2021.
When I renewed my package(last year)it was my understanding that I am on a Fixed Price Package, that fact was mentioned by yourselves in an email you sent me on 11th December 2020.
The contract end date is 13th July 2022, which surely means the monthly cost I am currently paying remains the same until that date.
Can you please confirm that the monthly cost of my Fixed Price Package will not change on the 11th July 2021.

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have the same issue, i renew Jan 2021 and the guy on chat said it was fix (see below)


" If you wish to make any changes to your package within your minimum term, you may be liable to pay a fee.

Your Fixed Price Plan will have no price increases on the monthly charges during the minimum contract period.
This does not include Boosts or other charges such as films, calls or calling features.
As these can change in price, we will provide you with notice before this happens.
Your total monthly charge for your fixed low price plan, plus your chosen extras will be"


Did you get the terms and conditions in the post ?  they updated all the links from email to go to new term and conditions rather then the one we agree in Jan.


  if someone has t&C before March we have a case they cannot increase the price, they actually put my price up by 10%.




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vodafone 64MB £21.95

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Quite by coincidence I logged into my gas/elec account with Shell Energy this morning and see they have completed the purchase of Post Office Broadband and are offering some good deals. If I can come up with a good package, ByeBye TalkTalk.

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I've just had a similar eMail, a mere three months after subscribing to Fibre65, which was at the time - described in writing at outset as not being subject to any incremental pricing for the duration of the contract.


In my case that is 18 months from March the something this year.


TalkTalk are a bit premature with their ambitious price hike 🤑

Even a broken clock is right twice a day...

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Had a long chat with customer services on the telephone and all they could offer me was another Fixed Price Package(HaHa). The new package, with my added telephone boosts, would have actually seen me paying more per month than I will be when the price increase takes effect. The reason given for them digging into the fine print in the Terms & Conditions and "reneging" on agreements is of course Covid19, which has resulted in huge increases in demand for broadband and telephone useage. I am currently looking for another provider but to be honest because of the deal I got renewing last year I am struggling to find a cheaper comparable service. I think what I will do is remain where I am until my current package runs out next year, see what renewing is going to cost me and then make a decision.
It's a shame because I have been a TalkTalk customer for a lot of years(approx 12)and generally have never had a problem, so it comes as a bit of a shock to be defecated on.

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Thank you for that Ferguson, sad indeed TalkTalk have gone back on their word, I will go the route you suggested.


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I am afraid that TalkTalk have reneged on their Fixed Price "promise" as they can under their T&Cs. What they must do however is give you the option to leave without penalty within 30 days of being notified. If you contact the customer loyalty team on 0345 172 0046 then you can advise them that you wish to switch to another provider because of this, or they may well offer you an improved deal to try to persuade you to stay.