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My Account Issues

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Hi all!


I am in the process of joining TalkTalk, and having issues with My Account...


I signed up on 07/02, but due to issues with current provider, called up and cancelled this on 08/02.  I used my normal email 'A' for this, but as I understood email addresses cannot be used again, changed my login to email 'B' when I cancelled.


After sorting out the issues with my current provider, I signed up again on 09/02.  I tried to use email 'A'. but this gave an error that it cannot be used again, so used my alternate email 'C'.  The order then went through correctly.


The strange thing is that I can now log in through email 'B' or email 'C', and these both then show email 'C' as the one associated to the account, and as the login email, with the same account number and phone number.  When logged in with either I see the message that there is an issue with the router delivery, but I spoke to someone on chat who said it was fine and probably something to do with the cancelled order...  However, when logging in with email 'B', I also get visibility of my package details and Direct Debit, but with login 'C' get a message that there is a technical issue.


Main thing is really keen to make sure that everything is in place for the switch on 23/02, and the router will be delivered in time.  Would also be great to get My Account sorted, preferably with just being able to log in with email 'A'. 


Can any admins please help?  I have put my phone number in my account details, but please let me know if you need any of the other details - thanks!


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Thanks @Gliwmaeden2 !


As is always the case, after posting it has changed (not sure if an admin has picked this up or just chance!)


Now when logged in with email 'C', I am getting all my package details which is great.  Router delivery is still showing an issue, so keen to get that checked still - thanks!


Can no longer log in with email 'B' or 'C', so they appear to have been sorted.

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It could take a few days for staff to reach this thread, @gap84 ....and then quite a lot of head scratching!


Please look out for a reply. 


Best not to post further before getting their response. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.