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My Account still says Fibre65 Data only

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Ok so I signed up for future fibre in Jan this year, Fibre cable put in by engineer etc etc and, after some teething troubles all runs smoothly. Now that the bill is sorted - there was a gap of a month and then double charge next month. The price has risen slightly but I assume that is the annual rise for inflation etc. But...... the package still shows as fibre65( data only)  when I log in to my account. Why is that? When I talk to someone in Future Fibre the line is bad and the accent incompehensible to me so gave up. But why is it described as Fibre 65? and does this mean that when I do a speed check the speed is acceptable for fibre65 - but is marginal for future fibre.

Is it me?


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Your package is "Fibre 65 Data Only", and this is reflected in My Account under My Package tab the "65" is not the speed, the line profile will be 80/20 


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Talktalk seems to be taking several months to update My Account,  but can you check back to a bill from last year? The ordinary Fibre65 bills would not show "Data only".


I'll re-escalate this for Arne to take another look.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Had a feeling iy would be. Just amazed that TT make it so difficult to understand. Quite happy with speed and I'll never beat the price but........why does the package still show as Fibre65?


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If it's saying "data only", then you've been switched to FF, to the most basic version of the service. Was it a free upgrade?


If you need faster speeds it will cost you more, and if upgrading to faster speeds is not part of an offer that waived fees, you'd get an additional charge for upgrading again, unless very near the end of a contract. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I assume FTTP is future fibre? I am presently getting 73Mb down and 19 up which is perfectly fine for me. The wifi is not so good - not the speed but drops out and the range is not so good but that's another issue. But why does it still say fibre 65 when I look at my package?


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Hi @grahamh123


What plan where you sold,    and what speeds are you getting at the moment? 


The order shows FTTP 65