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Its showing on my bill I made this phone call in the 18th of December 2018. I'll have to post this has it showing up quite different from me down loaded Bill 18/12 17:54 08443710000 SC008 00:00:16 £0.15 When I scroll down using my pdf reader Its showing up has this Number 18/12 17:56 03332415702 SERVICES G21 RATE 00:01:50 £0.00 I have not made this call and my Phone holds information on incoming and out going call's Why have I been charged for this it looks like a scam ?



Has you can see its from my down loaded itemised bill. Both showing differant numbers. When I scroll down reading this bill with PDF READER. I have sent two pictures showing this change in viwing. I Did not make this call... Other have said they been charged reading from the web sites regarding theses Numbers also some quite a lot more one person over a hundred pounds.... So pleases help I know it's pennys but its the point of fact not just the cost here's Thank You.... 


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In case it helps you, 0844371000 is the number for DX - Secure Mail to track a delivery or request a redelivery. Whoever made the call it has cost you 15p.

The 0333 number call did not cost you anything.


What action are you hoping TalkTalk will take?

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