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My contract is going up in price even though I am on a fixed contract. Help.

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Good morning.  I have received a letter from talk talk to inform me that even though I am on a fixed price contract the price is going to increase from April 8th. My current contract began last year on the 1st of May for 18months with ( in writing ) NO MID TERM CONTRACT PRICE RISES . I contacted the customer service department but they couldn’t help me and just kept repeating that circumstances have made the price increase and there is nothing they can do. I have been a very loyal customer for years and years and feel really let down. No compromise, no nothing. 


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Hi @treesa_jane  Your notification was sent to your Gmail address on the 16th March. 


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I don't seem to have even received notification of this price increase, grrrr.....

The first I knew of it was when I received notification of my latest bill this morning, then tried to make contact with TalkTalk to query it. The fact that I can't even directly contact TalkTalk about it, along with the lack of trust will make me think VERY hard about renewing when my current contract comes to an end. 


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Hello Ferguson, yes thank you.

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No worries, I do hope that means you got a satisfactory outcome?  🙂

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Thank you for your help Ferguson. Very much appreciated.

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You have got a much better deal than I was offered then. My “deal” was going to be almost £30 a month which is more than I’m paying now.


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It was the number talk talk asked me to ring on but I am going to ring on the number you gave me next. Thank you for your help .

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Same for me 15 months in on 18 month "fixed" deal Faster Fibbre @£22 incl speed boost.

Apparently TT had no option except raise prices because we've been using internet - obviously a surprise to them😀


First call and My Account offered me Fibre 65 @£26 "fixed" - but what does that mean to this company??

Second call offered Fibre 65 @£24 floating.

Finally loyalty team despite TT having 'no option but to raise prices' offered offered me Fibre 65 @£20 for 2 years with 8x inflation price rise in 2022.

That's a faster connection for 10% less than I'm currently paying 😂😂😂


Maybe we should thank TT for raising prices - so we can get out of a deal early and get something cheaper!!!

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@SusieCute wrote:
Thanks Ferguson. I did try very hard to insist what I wanted and needed but I was talked over mostly and offered a more expensive tariff with a tie in for 2 years. They make me sick.

Was this initially, or subsequently on the number I gave you?


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Also, check out their info under the heading “charges” and note their promise of absolutely no price increase promise when you are on a fixed term contract.

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Thanks Ferguson. I did try very hard to insist what I wanted and needed but I was talked over mostly and offered a more expensive tariff with a tie in for 2 years. They make me sick.

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@SusieCute Try this number: 0345 172 5157. Don't hesitate to tell them what YOU want. 

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OCE Arne , Thank you for your reply, however it was useless to say the least. The talk talk team member tried to sell me an even more expensive tariff . The phone call I made to 0345 1720046 has infuriated me.

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I have called the number you have given me 0345 1720046

After 22 minutes all was I was offered was a more expensive tariff and a faster 65 fibre which I don’t need.

Unbelievable to say that I asked for the best possible deal and a cheaper tariff to stay with talk talk.

Im even more fed up now.


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Thank you.


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Talktalk seem to realise they have made a major mistake in breaking the trust of many of its previously loyal customers and are desperate for them to now stay.


Nobody objects to price rises, they are a fact of life but when you break a contract thats another matter.


Ok the t&c allowed this but just because TT 'could' doesnt mean that they 'should', to coin a well know phrase that is usually used to give advice to someone who's using their money, power, or skill in a way that's not very wise.


Well I'm sadly one of the many who cant trust them anymore.


Why have they got it wrong and the penny has only just dropped - here's an extract from an email talktalk have just sent to me, to late, trust gone - Im off.


We’re sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving us. But it’s not too late to change your mind. We’d love it if you stayed, and we’ve got a cracking offer that will save you the hassle of leaving.

Stay with us for another 18 months on a new Fibre 35 plan and keep the same super fast speed and super reliable connection for just £20 a month.

Sticking with us couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch on 0345 172 0078 and a member of our team will be delighted to help.

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Hi SusieCute


I'm really sorry that you are unhappy with our choice to end the fixed price promise, our legal requirement is to give you 30 days notice and the option to leave. 


We are still very competitively priced, all our competitors have also raised there prices, sometimes twice a year see our site here


Call us on 03451720046 to discuss this. 





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It’s not only me then. To me, a fixed price term is a fixed price term. No trust at all now. A very sad situation.

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Join the crowd, you can stay or leave. Many have chosen to go and experience the big wide world and join a company that you can trust, if that's possible in this day and age.


I phoned TT this morning to advise them I was leaving as I have already requested another company to take over my Internet and all they wanted to try and do was retain me, I stopped the guy before he could launch into his preprepared script to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.


Sorry TT you had already blown any chance of me staying with that price increase email.