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My latest bill

Marianne 1
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Has anyone else's bill increased by three pounds this month?


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@Marianne 1 , which element of your bill has changed ?


Your bill is fully itemised in your online account, just expand it to see all the sections.


@chess1289 If you need help, please start your own topic, however a lot of customers were advised of the £2.50 price rise recently when TT dropped their fixed price contracts. Check for an email around your previous billing date. Please do not post back here, this is @Marianne 1 's topic !

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Hi @Marianne 1  & @chess1289  TalkTalk have invoked Clause 16 of the contract which allows them to change the Ts&Cs and increase the price by giving you 30 days notice and the option to leave free of charge during that notice period.  If you don't inform them that you are leaving within those 30 days then you are deemed to have accepted the new Ts&Cs and are then tied in until the end of your contract.  You should have received an email about this around the time of your previous bill, ie ~30  days ago, it is possible it may have gone into your Spam/Junk folder.   If you look through the forum you will find that many people have been affected by this and are not happy.  But while what TalkTalk have done is morally wrong it is legaly OK and they are within their rights to do it.

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Yes mine has gone up by £2.50 but nothing on the bill to say why