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My newley ordred fibre package is not what I ordered

Whizz Kid
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Via online chat I upgraded to fibre from broadband and it included free all calls phone boost. But when I logged on to check it says pending products - fibre AND TV. but I never ordered tv. And the phone boost is nowhere to be seenorderCapture.JPG

I have been unable to access any email that was sent because that is broke - see my other posts for that. Here is a screen shot.

Before I could request a transcript I lost broadband connection. But I did manage to swipe and copy and paste the whole lot into word. Not sure if a transcript is automaticity sent to email but will find out if I ever get it working. The chat started off stating that the chat will be recorded.  


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Hi Marvel.


The bill jumped because your discounts ended so you have been charged for an advanced part month. 


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Thank you yes that is what I ordered, after being a member for so long I have learnt not to trust anything that phone or online chat says so was worried when my pending showed different things. I am still confused about my billing though as it was £18.95 but jumped to £27 a month before that contract ends but I will update that in my other ongoing question. Hopfully I will find out when my email is fixed - another ongoing question.

Support Team
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Hi @Marvel


Ive checked the order and from what I can tell you have ordered. 


Faster Fibre and the Unlimited UK calls free,  monthly charge is £22.45 for 18 months with a free WiFi hub router. 


No indication that TV is included. 


Hope that helps. 

Whizz Kid
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Thank you. And they should both be 18months fibre and phone boost.


Support Team
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Community Star
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Hi @Marvel your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during the day.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.