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New account charges

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Im a new customer and in my estimated first bill i have the expected £26 charge for my broadband plus £2 for tv add on. I then have '£29.95 fixed price - fibre 65 - March 2021' that I wasn't expecting. Does anyone know what this is?


Thank you!



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@Jonandgemma  If you start a new topic and update your community profile I can check on this for you. 




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@Jonandgemma, Talktalk's billing can appear bizarre. It seems to match the current full price of Fibre 65:



It could just be the name of the package. The price for out of contract customers is £29.95.


Usually, in contract, you are signed up with a discount. 


From March 2021, they have introduced a price increase formula which will actually kick in during April 2022. I wonder if the 3.7% + CPI increase scheduled for April 2022 will be calculated on the basis of the full price?


So if you currently have a discount of, for example £9.95, you might currently pay £20 per month.


The increase next year won't be CPI plus 3.7% applied to £20. It will be CPI plus 3.7% applied to £29.95, the higher figure. This could be why they are displaying the current full price in billing.


This theoretical account would show the April 2022 full billing amount based on £29.95 x (3.7% + CPI) minus the same £9.95 discount. Not as good a deal as 3.7% + CPI being applied to just £20.00.


They could just be covering their backs by mentioning the full priced package here.


We'll see!


Meanwhile, for staff to investigate your particular case, please complete your community forum profile details by going via your avatar/name; settings, Profile Wizard. 


You also need to start your own thread.  Please return to the message board and click on Start a Topic. Staff reply Monday to Friday.


Staff only reply to the original poster on help threads, which is why you should start your own. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

First Timer
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We have just joined. Our internet starts tomorrow and we have had this added to our bill as well. 

£29.95 Fixed Price - Fibre 65 - Mar 2021


it is May now. We signed up at the end of April so very bizarre how we have a charge of £29.95 for March when we weren't even members...go figure. 

already thinking of cancelling within the 14 day cooking off period as this isn't a promising start. 


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For me the charge was just removed when the first bill came through. It seems unhelpful to tell new customers that there will be an extra charge, when if fact there isnt.

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I am having the same concern.




£29.95 Fixed Price - Fibre 65 - Mar 2021


this charge has been added to my account and I have no understanding as to why?


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@Cheesefootballs Thanks for confirming the details I will look into this and get back to you. 




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Hi @Cheesefootballs


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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@Cheesefootballs, staff reply Monday to Friday during business hours, so if it's not picked up today, it will be Monday at the earliest. 


Each post delays the progress of the thread in the workflow, so it's best not to update the thread before getting a response from staff. 


If you need help sooner, query the charge using Chat or phone 03451 720046.


The link to Chat shows a blue background banner when it's available. Hours of opening are also detailed on this page:



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Does anyone have any idea about this?

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Thanks, i was expecting to be charged £28 per month for fibre 65 plus tv with no installation costs. 

I have got my details on there thanks for that.




Whizz Kid
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1. You haven't explained what you believe the basis of your contract to be, and what you expect your charges to be.

2. If you need any help from the OCEs you need to fill in your personal details in My Profile. This will identify you to them. Don't post any personal details here.