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New deals for existing customers??!!

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I am on Fibre35, for £23.50per month, and on the talktalk site is clearly shows "Whether you're a newbie or you've been with us for a while, you can bag the exact same offers and sale prices."

So just tried to save a bit of money on a blackfriday deal for £21 per month for 18 months, to be told there would be a £30 admin feee applied as i was still in my current contact.

Seems totally unfair when new customers get all the perks, vouches, amazon bits etc etc

Can anything be done about this please as it seem false advertising to me.


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Hi Daryl


Sorry that you are unhappy,


You could try and call our loyalty team on 03451720046 or 03451725157 and see if there is something they can do. 


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In the early days of the so-called fixed price promise, we could chop and change to keep up with good offers quite a bit, @Daryl, but for the past couple of years or so it's been "renewals in the last 90 days" only.


They quietly slipped in the £30.00 charge without fanfare....


And I don't know where to find this all explained in so many words.


The charge is listed as an admin fee in one-off charges:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.