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New fibre 35 contract and phone boosts

Whizz Kid
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I have just received an email offering to renew my contract, which ends in October.   I have clicked the link for fibre 35 and have been told I will get an email soon.   There is no information about how to carry on my phone boosts (which I have a discount for at the moment).   Will all this come through on next email please?   Your email and website information is very poor.  I went onto chat and they said I would be able to sort boosts out when I get email - I just want confirmation this is how it happens.   It has taken a lot of digging to find decent information.   It is also not clear that fibre 35 is unlimited broadband - I just hope it is! 


It is made VERY clear that prices will rise in future too.... unlike the current contract where they put up the price despite supposedly being fixed price. 



Support Team
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Hi @GBy123 


I have checked the account and the phone discount extends past you current contract end date, its due to expire April 2022, where as your contact ends in 4 weeks. 


As the others have advised call loyalty team on 03451720046 they will be able to sort it out. 


Hope that helps



Community Star
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@GBy123 Any discounts on Boosts are not renewed on taking out a new contract online. I would follow the advice from @AllyM and contact the customer loyalty team directly. 


Insightful One
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I would guess that any boosts you had would continue but if the discounted period has expired they will probably continue at standard price.


The best way, in my opinion, to renew your contract is to call the Loyalty Team on 0345 172 0046 (current support opening hours here: Our update on Coronavirus - TalkTalk Help & Support ) rather than doing it online. That way you can discuss with an advisor what options you want and don't want and negotiate a better price (for the main package and any boosts) than offered to you via an online renewal.

I would also advise you say "Loyalty Team" when asked why you are calling to get you straight through to the correct department.