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New order keeps disappearing

First Timer
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Hello, wondering if anyone can help, I am in a 2 month plus nightmare of ordering with talktalk.  Every time I make the order it disappears, I get the thanks for your order email but then nothing after that.  On the the phone today and the assistant from sales tried every order number I had, nothing would come up.  When they search my address and phone number it says there is a pending order for this address and phone number, because of that they can't create a new order.  I asked if they can cancel that order and start again from scratch, they said they can't cancel it without the account number, I have never received an account number.  When I try log in to my account through the email it says "Oops! let's get you back on course.... Sorry we're unable to find the page you're looking for"


The assistant contacted the Order Management team and went through everything with them that she went through with me, they have escalated it and I have to call back in seven days.  Thought I would improve my chances by posting on here as well as I don't want to call back in seven days to be still in the same nightmare.


All my order numbers


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Support Team
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Hi CVanneck


Unfortunately we don't have access to the ordering system  to be able to clear the order, The only way to sort this out is to call back.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused.