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New pricing on Unlimited UK Calls Boost from June 1st - I'm confused!

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Whilst on holiday, I received an email saying that from June 1st the cost of my calls boost will rise by £2.

Currently my Unlimited Boost is free, not sure if that is "actually free" or if there was some discount negotiated to achieve this since it shows as "£14.00    £0.00"


Question: What will I pay from June 1st?

Question: What/who will I be able to call for free if I do not agree to this increase?


As you can see from this screen shot of my April call history, my Telephone usage is pathetically small.

Advice please.


Oh yes, I notice that there is an item which I do not understand, can someone explain?

"Monthly allowance:

£100.00 Change" 

Call record for April.JPG


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I had the Unlimited Calls Boost from last October and in that time I used the land-line a few times(£6.50/month) Got rid of it 2 months ago and then got rid of the Land-line all together with the installation of Future Fibre Data Only a few weeks ago.

Why pay for a Mobile contract with Free Minutes and pay for calls thru the land-line.

Received an e-mail lst week regarding the £2 rise in the Boost. My Account has not up-dated yet to my new package.



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Wow! that surprises me.

However, given that I barely use my mobile phone's unlimited calls, I think I'll have to weigh up the wisdom of this call's boost if I'm unable to negotiate a free pass at the next round!😉

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@Steamywee That usage is not all that small you know, bear in mind that without the Boost you are looking at a flat rate charge of 24p per minute. Get your calculator out and you will be surprised how quickly the cost mounts up, I make that little lot £41.72!

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Thanks @Gliwmaeden2  and @Arne-TalkTalk that helps a lot.

In the event that at renewal I am unable to negotiate this for free,  just what/who can I call without charge, because as you can see from my screen shot, my usage is very small!

Can you advise me please?

Support Team
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Hi @Steamywee


If you have the boost discounted for free there is no effect on your payments, the email is to advise that the calls boost (if you paid for it) is increasing, so when your discount ends the boost will be £2 more expensive in future. 


Monthly allowance is a Calls limit, with no boost calls are chargeable so a limit can be set, so if you go over that limit calls are blocked to stop the bill increasing.  Also if you make a call for over an hour calls start to be billed, you can change the limit in My Account.


Hope that helps. 

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We expect "free" to remain free, @Steamywee, whereas those with a specific amount of discount are likely to see the £2.00 increase applied. 


I'll move this thread to the billing section for staff there to clarify this for you.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.