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Not happy with changed renewal Order

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I renewed my contract 10/10/21 and received a different agreement looking on line today.  I had the good fortune to take a screen shot prior to reading the legal page, then came back to the agreement page and everything I was agreeing to I then pressed the ‘CONFIRM ORDER’ button I then had a screen somewhat saying received then another screen saying “OOOP’s somethings gone wrong try again later. Now I am being told that I have taken out broadband, phone and TV (which I have no requirement for as I hardly ever watch TV) on my account with more monthly payment. Could you please check this out.

Broadband fibre 35    24 months.  £23.50

Super safe half price  24 months.    £2.00

Half price UK calls 18 months.          £7.00.    total  £32.50

Many thanks Whitecliffs 


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Hi whitecliffs,


Sorry for the delay. 


As Gliwmaeden2 has explained, a £4 TV charge would show on the order confirmation if TV was added, really sorry for the confusion.


In regards to the promotion for the Unlimited UK Call Boost, we currently only offer an 18 month promotion, apologies.




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Others have mentioned the discount on the calls boost being just 18 months.


It seems to be in the small print somewhere. 


Maybe they can't offer it in one go for longer.


In fact, your minimum commitment with that is one month.


It is not part of the Broadband and line rental commitment, which incurs early termination fees if cancelled early, @whitecliffs.


After one month, you can remove the calls boost without penalty, and a pro rata balance will show on the subsequent bill.


Worth hanging onto it, unless you notice it being offered at less, for now.


Individual calls are @ 21p per minute without it, and are going up on December. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Many thanks @Gliwmaeden2 

With me unticking TV and the acceptance then the oops somethings gone wrong and not seeing what I had actually agreed to threw me a bit, with reference to what else should be added seems a bit silly the the half price UK phone is for eighteen months when the rest is for 24 months. Perhaps that could be added.


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You are not paying "extra" for TV, @whitecliffs, it is simply included (rather unhelpfully, from the customer's point of view) in the package title.


If you were being charged for it, there would be a further £4.00 showing. 


Please detail anything else that doesn't appear to match the deal you thought you were signing up for. 


Your thread is in the queue for attention. Staff reply Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.