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Not received my Amazon Echo Doth 4th Gen voucher after 37 days

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I have got in touch with TalkTalk with no luck, I want the voucher code for the item as promised when renewing, I feel that this was a trick to lure customers to renew since we have to chase up to get to a resolution, while being promised to get a unique voucher code for the item which we never even receive, until this day I am yet to receive this voucher code and as promised, I want the voucher code for the item so that I can put the order through. I have tried to get in touch with TalkTalk 10x now and they kept going around it and trying to delay it even more, even though the email states I should receive it within 37 days, it's gone way past that now.


I have checked my junk/spam folder.


Anyone that can help with this, I will highly appreciate it.




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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


Many thanks for your help and time and effort in this, I can't see that you have sent the PM unless I am looking at the wrong section?


I am pressing on my profile icon on the top right then the mail box icon, but no messages are there.




Support Team
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Hi @KhilBas


I can help with this I first need to confirm some security questions


I have sent you a PM on the community




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Hi @Gliwmaeden2 


Thank you for informing me.. They have put me through hell in terms of customer service to get to this stage, but I am still not happy, I want my item as promised in the email when I renewed, I feel like the promotion was a lure to get me to renew and I highly regret my decision and definitely doubting to renew with TalkTalk ever again, I have had to chase up so many times over the phone and their web chat with no luck but to be told to be credited the money for wasting my time and still I did not get my item as promised in the email, absolutely horrible experience having to squeeze the voucher code out of them, us users shouldn't be needing to chase up for this.


To add onto this, I have also been lied to by their customer service that I had to wait 90 days, then another 7 days and that it was Amazon's fault and they blamed Amazon for this, this is absolutely unacceptable, I wasted hours and hours on this and I am absolutely fed up with the way Talk Talk treats their customers. It should never be this difficult to get hold of a voucher code as promised by TalkTalk when renewing, neither should it be for any other company providing promotions, I recently did a promotion claim with Samsung and it was dead easy, but TalkTalk definitely is up to something and wanting users to forget about this.




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Staff will reply during the week, Monday to Friday, @KhilBas, so after the weekend. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.