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Not received my Amazon Voucher

First Timer
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We joined Talk Talk back in March 2021 through Compare the Market for the only reason of the offer of a £80 Amazon Voucher after 90 days! Needless to say we have still not received the voucher!


I called Talk Talk in September to be told we would receive the voucher via email which we still haven't received.


I called Talk Talk this morning and was on the line for 29 minutes to the complaints dept to be told I wasn't eligible for the voucher but that they would offer me £10 as a good will gesture! I asked to speak to a manager as that was £70 short of what i'd been promised! The lady told me she would transfer me and then put the phone down!  I called back and spoke to Natasha who again said she would transfer if i held the line. Now, I don't know if this was supposed to be funny or something, but she transferred me to the bereavement dept. I certainly did not find it amusing in any way and was disgusted at her actions.


I called back to the complaints dept again and spoke to  Jules this time. After a further 20 minutes Jules explained that i wasn't eligible for the Amazon Prime voucher but didn't know why? I explained that firstly, it wasn't an amazon prime voucher, just amazon and that i wanted to know why i wasn't eligible as i'd followed the correct procedure to claim the voucher when signing up. She explained that she didn't understand me so again, i asked to speak to a manger and she just continued to repeat over and over that i wasn't eligible and that she didn't understand me. 


This just feels like I've been completely duped into signing up and that Talk Talk are just making it as difficult as possible to claim this voucher! Is the company really this bad? I've spent over an hour this morning trying to get some explanation and got absolutely no where and just completely messed about! 



Support Team
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Hi @RichArms


I will contact the team responsible for the vouchers. 


I'll post back when they reply.