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Not receiving eBill notification emails

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I received my last ebill notification email last March. In May TT sent me a letter telling me that I would be charged for paper bills if the issue wasn't fixed. I receive all other emails from TT successfully on my Pipex email address, apart from the ebill notifications, so clearly my email address works, and no changes were made by me - as far as I knew, everything was working as it always had. I phoned them the day I received the letter, was told a call had been logged and eventually received a text message telling me the issue was fixed. So i immediately did an online chat to establish if the issue really was fixed and assurances that I would not be charged for paper bills. I was told i wouldn't be charged and the issue was fixed. Of course I have to wait a whole month to find out it isn't fixed, as I didn't get my ebill notification email on 4th June.

So I called again on 7th June and the third person i spoke to told me i needed to change my email address to a third party one, like Gmail, in order for the ebill notification emails to be successfully delivered. When I asked why, I was told that TT no longer send ebill notification emails to Pipex and TT email addresses, they just want these email addresses to be used for personal emails only. If that's true, then why am i, the customer, being told I've got a problem (not of my making) and that I am going to be charged £2.75 more per month for a paper bill that I don't want? Also, again if this is the reason, why haven't I been informed so that I could get my email address changed and so avoid being charged for paper bills?

I do have a gmail address, so the customer service rep changed it on the system, I was asked to login using my new credentials and could do so successfully. I also checked that the billing notification was set to "online", which it was. I asked to be sent a test message to prove that TT could send me emails, and was told they couldn't really do that, but eventually I was sent the email about changing my account login to a gmail email address. I'd like to say I felt confident at this stage, but until 4th July, to establish if the issue is really fixed, I'm not convinced.

Then yesterday I got another letter telling me that as TT still couldn't send me my ebill notification emails they would now have to charge me for paper bills and that if I had problems fixing the issue, I should speak to my email provider and they could help me - that would be TT!!!

I logged on to my account, and the billing notification had been changed from online to paper. How does that happen? And in less than 5 days, as remember, on Monday it was set to online. So I have changed it back to online again.

Has anyone had / got this issue? If so, how on earth do I resolve it, as I feel like I am going round and round in circles 😥 Any help would be welcome.


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Hi, I said that I would update this post after 4th July and confirm whether or not I have received my ebill notification email. I am happy to report that I did receive my email from TT this morning at 11:30 😊 I will admit that I was expecting the worst, as the morning progressed, but I am happy that I waited before coming back here to provide an update. The last time I received my ebill notification email was last March so I am relieved that the issue has now been resolved - and no charges for paper bills either 👍

Many thanks for your help!


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Many thanks for your response and explanation regarding this issue. I understand what you're telling me, although I don't understand why it started happening a few months ago, when it has worked for years. But, as long as it does work, I will be happy. I guess I will find out when July's ebill email notification is due to be received.

I will update this post accordingly after 4th July, to hopefully confirm that all is well. Until then, thanks again for updating me.



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Hi Windybuffs


Sorry that you are having problems. 


From time to time this issue pops up when we try to send notifications to a domain that we have inherited, the email server rejects our own notifications as spam and once it fails 3 times the billing system automatically switches you to paper bills as we have to provide a bill to customers.  The usual fix is to switch the email address (which you have done) once the notification is successful you can switch the email address back and carry on as normal. 


I can confirm that you are not being charged for paper bills and notifications will be sent to you Gmail address this month


I appreciate its not Ideal, We can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.




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Thank you, I have done as you suggested. Much appreciated 👍

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You'll need to complete your community forum profile details,  @Windybuffs, for staff to look into this for you.


Please go via your avatar/name; settings; profile wizard. It's essential to put your Talktalk landline number in there. 


Staff are not back before Monday, and it can then take a few days to get a reply as your thread will be in a queue for attention. Please look out for their response next week. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.