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Chat Champion

For nearly 3 months I have had limited or no access to my account online, when are TalkTalk going to fix this unacceptable problem, or let me close my account without penalties.


It just takes me round in circles, have tried ringing customer care, have chatted online, have escalated complaint but still no access.


have tried alternative email address but still no success, I am fully computer literate and still can not access my account, no matter what suggestions I follow, the system is not fit for purpose.

Community Team

Hi apjarnold, it looks like this needs special attention from the tech who manage MyAccount. I can get this sorted for you, but need to clear security first. Please send me a Private Message including your full name , first line of your address and postcode as well as the 1st and 3rd letters of your security password. It would also be an idea to add the email address you want to use in there too.

Chat Champion

Hi Ady


Thanks for your response, the problem has alledgedly been escalated to the highest level and is being worked on. It is apparently a security issue that will not let the same phone number, account number or email address be used more than once.

They are now sending me paper bills, free of charge until the error is fixed, not really what I wanted but at least I can see what I am paying for. I still can not monitor my phone usage or make any changes to my account or features online.
Community Team

Hi apjarnold


I've contacted our My Account team to look into this,  I think it has something to do with the homemove, you should have be able to log in as normal, but for some reason the account fell out of registered. 


I'll post back when i get a response.


Chat Champion
Community Team



We have made a change to fix the problem.


Can you try to log in again, using the email address that you have used to register on the community. 


You will have to reset the password, so please follow the forgotten password link.


Let me know how it goes.

Chat Champion

Hi Oce_Arne


Yes that has worked and I am now able to access My Account and make changes without a hitch.  Thank you and pass my thanks on to TalkTalk team. :smileylol:


Regards  apjarnold


Community Team
Wizz Kid

sorry to hi jack this thread but i have the same issue can not access my account i know we have only been live since 10 february but still very poor service again by TT

Community Team

Hi nick123


I cant see any obvious issues, the account looks fully registered. 


What happens when you try to log in. 

Wizz Kid
hi and thank you OCE_Arne it seems to be ok at the moment,i will keep an eye on my account and if i get any more problems i will let you know thank you and much appreciated
Community Team