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Note on My Account? Can someone explain?

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Getting the attached message on My Account about a 'service restriction' due to an outstanding amount on my account...account shows £0 balance, last direct debit went through ok on the 10th.


Is this a glitch?


Service doesn't seem 'restricted'...I'd like the message to go away please.




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That is great @Arne-TalkTalk  


Appreciate your prompt replies, thank you for your help.



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You are correct because you are upgrading to Fibre a Wifi Hub will be included. Should arrive just before the live date. 


I have checked you order and there is no TV box included so I think the letter you have has been standardized, You wont be charged for a new box at all. 



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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


Thanks for the swift reply, I actually just received a letter with the date of the 22nd on it so that part is fine...




The letter says I am taking my old router to my new address! I'm not moving, the local cabinet has just been upgraded to Fibre and that is why I ordered the upgrade. So does this mean I am not getting a new router? I thought the new wifi hub came with all upgrades to Fibre.


The information also says I will be charged £50 for my 'new' TalkTalk TV Box...I don't want a new TV box, that wasn't mentioned when I did the online order! I recently got an updated TV Box last month and paid for it on my January bill. I don't need another one.


I'm hoping this is just crossed wires, I thought I was simply upgrading my Fast Broadband package to Fibre and getting a new wifi hub router.


Any advice would be gratefully received if you can see what is on order for my account.


many thanks


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Hi @madsainty


Live date looks like 22nd, the router will be delivered the day before or on the day of go live. 



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Many thanks @Arne-TalkTalk  Glad its all ok.


Does the website not give 'go live' dates now for new orders such as the fibre one i placed, just says pending and no information on when router etc will be delivered, it said 3-5 days on email confirming order which including weekend would be by tomorrow but nothing is showing up.


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Hi @madsainty


The message is incorrect and has been fedback to the team responsible as the account is fully upto date, Sorry for any confusion caused. 


Your fibre order is progressing along fine. 

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Broadband and Phone seem ok, currently waiting on an order to upgrade to Fibre going through which is why I was worried it might be delayed by some glitch on the account, certainly no money owed and Direct Debit all fine.

Shall see what they say tomorrow.

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No problem. And very strange. If your broadband and phone service are in fact working OK then it looks like some sort of glitch. The OCE should pick this up when they are back online tomorrow and hopefully sort it out. 

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Thank you 👍

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The attach files feature is not intended for pictures, use the camera icon (Insert Photos) just above the reply field.


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Can't attach a picture apparently oh well