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Notice period was too short of ahead of price rises

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@Arne-TalkTalk, could you possibly look into why several customers, including myself, have been rather short-changed on the notice period?


In this thread, you'll see it is mentioned a couple of times:


I understand that Talktalk is legally required to give us a clear 30 days' period within which we may leave Talktalk because of the recent price rise notice.


By failing to do this, implementing the new package formula is possibly illegal.


Part and parcel of a company being allowed to change a contract unilaterally is the stipulation that they must allow each customer a specific amount of time to decide how to react, and, if need be, leave without penalty. 


It simply cannot be a day or two short of the thirty days. 


When Talktalk customers are out of contract and simply want to leave and cancel Broadband rather than involving another provider in a switch, Talktalk makes jolly sure that it gets 30 days-worth of fees out of the customer. 


Similarly, if a customer made an error and paid a bit too little or late, Talktalk would be after us like a shot....and then the debt collectors in their wake.


Little mistakes are not generally "allowed".


It is only right that customers should similarly be entitled to their "pound of flesh" when it comes to Talktalk reneging on the fixed price promise.


Talktalk has been a stickler for applying clause 16 of the Ts&Cs to our packages, introducing the £2.00 extra on our products and rewriting clause 9 for the future.


The least Talktalk can do is give those of us who have been given a rather short notice period a couple of days' extra grace to make up our minds what to do.


Perhaps Talktalk could persuade us to stay by applying a credit on our accounts for the remainder of our contracts, without us having to queue for Chat or the phone lines to become available (and no guarantee of a satisfactory outcome)?


Please look into why this error occurred and, if possible, ask Talktalk to find a solution that compensates us for the inconvenience that we are being put to.


The notice period email reached my inbox on 10th March 2021:



The relevant date from which the price increase applies is as follows:




Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you for clearing that up.


Maybe its just me but personally I thought it was a poor choice of wording.


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@Nexster thats not the sentiment I was aiming to portray,  Our community stars help the OCE's unbelievably and although transferring their service may not necessarily mean they will leave the community it stands to reason that as TalkTalk customer they can do that better. 


Im here to assists all customers regardless of their status, to suggest otherwise is wrong. 


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@Arne-TalkTalk wrote:

Hi @Gliwmaeden2


As a community star I hope you chose to stay.


Kind regards


Sorry to jump on this thread but I dont think you have done yourself any favors saying that Arne.


Surley a customer is a customer regardless of if they are a community star or not or are you saying your not bothered if people leave who are not community stars?


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Thanks, @Arne-TalkTalk.


Yes please put the note on my account to adjust the deadline. 


It depends what they offer when I contact Chat.


Still undecided. 


And I really will consider my options ahead of any necessary upgrade in the future when I have more time to read all the small print of all the companies and their customer feedback.....



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi @Gliwmaeden2


30 days notification is given based upon your billing cycle which is the 8th of each month to the 7th next month,  We publicly announced the price increase on the 1st of march so technically you have had 7 days prior notice of this change, Im sorry that emails are delayed, you could also argue the point that if a customer (who is aware of the change) doesn't read the email, is the moment it is actually read when the 30 days start,  answer is of course NO. Which is why the public announcement is made. 


As the email was received on the 10th I'm sure common sense will be applied, I am happy to put full notes on your account to suggest you have until the 10th to make your choice As a community star I hope you chose to stay.


Kind regards




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Thanks, @ferguson.


The requirement of "a minimum" is certainly "not less than" and even carries by implication the possible sense of  "more than".


We'll see what comes back!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Gliwmaeden2 It is an Ofcom regulation that any change in a contract which leads to material detriment for the customer has to allow a minimum of 30 days notice to leave an existing contract without penalty. It is and has been clear ever since it was introduced some years back, here are the details for anyone who cares to read such things: 


I cannot fathom why any notification given by TalkTalk to any customer cannot meet this simple and straightforward requirement.