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ORDI Request for fibre

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Having recently contacted openreach about why my land-line was not recognised on any availability checker online and found out that there is a duplicate address of my home with a slight difference in spelling - I was told to request an ORDI through my provider.

They mentioned - the first address has a line connected but slightly different name to the official 'Royal Mail' address, while the second address has the official 'Royal Mail' address but has no telephone line connected.

I've been trying to get this issue solved through your telephone customer service but it seems no one I've spoken to knows what I'm talking about.

I hope that re-registering the correct address will finally allow my detached property access to the same fibre service as all of my neighbours who happen to be connected to the same cabinet. (I checked with a local openreach engineer).

My real address can be found in private notes.

Thank You


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Hi there. 


Since I posted this more than two months ago, could I get an update on the situation?


I realise that this may be a somewhat unique issue but I hope that someone has an answer for me. 





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Hi ElfynGJ


We are still looking into this, it appears that the correct address (with apostrophe) causes problems on the fibre checker, which sadly we have no control over as its not our site. Nor are we able to remove the other address, (we have requested it, but no response im afraid) so we are waiting to hear back from Openreach. 


It does seem individual to your address as other addresses in the same area (with apostrophes) show fibre available.


Will let you know when a response is revived.  


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Hi, I just checked the fibre checker myself and noticed the issue has not been resolved!

If you checked the 'correct' format, you'd see a message saying "Sorry, your number or postcode was not recognised. Please try an alternative."

The second address (without apostrophe) - which may I add - does not exist, shows up as "exploring solutions".

My request is to get the incorrect address removed from the database and resolve the issue with my 'real' address getting a "...was not recognised." responce.


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Hi ElfynGJ


The ORDI has come back as the address is correct in Openreachs database , (exactly as you entered it in the notes section), it appears on Openreachs Fibre checker  in the correct format, It appears that there is currently no capacity for fibre at your exchange. 




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Thank you for your quick response. 


I wonder, how will I be notified when the issue is resolved and will this request remove the 'phantom' address that shouldn't exist in the first place? 


Support Team
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Hi ElfynGJ


I have sent off the request, usually takes about 10 days to come back.