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Ofcom automatic compensation failure

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Had a complete loss of service between 17th Feb and 24th Feb 2022.
Engineer was booked on 18th Feb and failed to turn up. Engineer then arrived on Saturday 19th Feb. Problem was resolved on 24th Feb when issue at exchange was corrected.

I contacted Talktalk on the 17th and 18th to discuss and was told automatic compensation would be applied to my account in next monthly bill including compensation of £26.41 for missed engineer appointment.

I have not received any automatic compensation yet nor my bill adjusted. I called up last month and was told it would be applied to my next bill automatically. My latest bill still has not been adjusted so I called up last week to complain and I have now a manual credit to my account of £26.24 but no compensation for each day without service @ £8.40 per day (after two working days without service)

Can someone take a look please? I estimate I should have £76.64 compensation automatically applied. Interested to know why no automatic compensation was applied, why I had to chase several times for this. I did mention on the latest call re Ofcom rules on this & CISAS and the phone operator had no awareness of automatic comp & frankly was pretty clueless (She tried to offer compensation based on a pro-rata amount from my typical monthly bill).



Support Team
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Hi @amcgilvray


I have checked this. 


Your fault was Logged 17th Feb, 

Fri 18th (1st working day)

Sat 19th (first weekend is excluded)

Sun 20th 

21st (2nd Working day) 

Engineer report shows fault fixed 22nd Feb, Within SLA


Based on this you are not eligible for automatic compensation as the fault was fixed with the agreed SLA with Openreach.  You have been credited for the missed engineer.