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Offers and Upgrades

Team Player
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Just thought I would see what offers and upgrades might be available to me. Response was that there are none currently available due to there being an outstanding order. I do not have an outstanding order of any sort and cannot see details of any order I am supposed to have outstanding. How do I see what this order is about, clear it and then see what might be available? 


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Hi mikeshill


Where are you seeing the notification for the open order, as per my last response I cannot see any open orders.


If you can screen shot it and PM it to me i'll investigate further.  


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Sorry the update is so late but I forgot I had posted this way back - I made the suggested call and the person I spoke to said they would escalate it and get back - they never got back. Only catching up now due to having received a Black Friday deals notification recently and thought I would check it out. Guess what - my account still says I have an outstanding order.  If anybody from the Support Team reads this, maybe they will sort it out for me instead of me needing to make another call but never hearing back. 


Support Team
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Hi @mikeshill 


Ive checked your account and there are no open orders showing, last request was 2019, So I would suggest calling our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046. 


Your account is on a very old package so the Loyalty team will be able to check what's available to you. 







Community Star
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Did you ever get to the bottom of this, @mikeshill?


Helpful if you could let us know. 


I'll re-escalate this thread for you anyway.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.