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Once my TalkTalk Contract ends naturally - who owns the TV Plus Box?

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I have found that it depends on who you speak to.

In Jan 2016 I started an 18 month contract and received the TV Plus box.

In July 2017 the contract ended.

I wanted to start a new 24 month contract at that point and asked for a new TV Plus box to be sent out as  believed I now owned the old one. After a lot of discussion with various advisors; someone (can't recall who - possibly in this forum) finally agreed with me that the old box was now my property and I received a new TV Plus box as part of the new contract.

In June 2019 this contract ended (I presumed that this 2nd box also became my property at this point).

I did not need another TV plus box so did not request one as part of the new 18 month contract I took out with TalkTalk in June 2019. I felt that I was entitled to one but decided not to ask - I simply used the 2 TV Plus boxes that I owned.

In December 2020 the contract ended and I started another 24 months contract. I did not request a new TV plus box on this occasion either but used my own (ex TalkTalk owned) boxes (at least I believed I owned box 2 based on my previous experience).

I received an email in May 2021 saying prices were going up and that I could cancel the contract early without penalty.

I chose to cancel and spoke to 2 different advisors. Both are adamant that I will have to return the TV Plus box. Had I known this was to be the case I would certainly have requested a new TV Plus box at the commencement of the new contract which could have been returned as I was terminating early. I have no problem with returning a box that was provided within the current contract period. My issue is that I believe both boxes are now my property as I fulfilled the terms and conditions of the first 2 contracts that I held with TalkTalk. I am now on to contract number 4. Can someone please confirm what the official position is regarding ownership (at least in June 2019 which is when I considered box 2 to have become my property). I can't refer to terms and conditions of earlier contracts as online T's and C's have been updated in March 2021. Thankyou




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Today I had a call from TalkTalk regarding my complaint. I'm not sure how it got raised as a complaint but am glad now that it was. The very understanding lady I spoke to said that I had not received a TV Plus box since 2015 and, as it was now quite old, she would make a note on my file to say that TalkTalk would waive any fee (£50 I believe) relating to non-return of the box. She also gave me a reference number and telephone number to make contact if I was asked to return the box or cautioned with the non-return fee.  This is the sort of service that makes me a little sorry to be leaving but it's just unfortunate that every time you speak or online 'chat' to different advisors at TalkTalk there seems to be no consistency in customer approach or pattern to the various cost reduction offers made to keep you as a customer. The last offer TalkTalk made me was actually very good and, if I had received this offer earlier, I would probably have been tempted to stay - but I had already committed to another provider by then and I knew that, if I stayed, I would be having the same discussions re ownership 18 months or 2 years from now.

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Thanks for the advice

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Unfortunately Talktalk has been changing the rules on the hoof, @riskadv003, and they do seem to be applying them retrospectively. 


You should have time to hang on for a formal reply from TT staff on the forum next week - they don't work weekends. 


Assuming that you do have to return equipment, record every detail: certificate of posting and tracking number. 


Please complete your community forum profile details for TT staff to identify your account from your Talktalk landline number. Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.