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One-off charges

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I have just renewed my contract to fibre 65, over the phone, with an advisor.  I was given the pricing information and was told I would receive a new router, as a gesture of goodwill due to a previous complaint which wasn’t resolved and poor customer service I received. I did say I already had one of the latest routers, sent to me last year due to mine not working, so probably didn’t need it. I was told the one they were sending was better so I said ok. At no time was there any mention of any additional  charges for either the router or a set up fee. I then received an email confirming my account update with details of the package. On here is says i am being charged a one off fee of £9.99 for delivery of router plus an upgrade set up fee of £60 !!   I am not willing to pay an additional £70 for something I wasn’t told about. I was told I had 20 days to cancel this contract if I changed my mind so will be looking to do this unless it is resolved satisfactorily. This is not how loyal, long standing customers should be treated.


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If you still need help with this, @Karen1962, use Chat:


Or wait for staff to reply on here, Wednesday at the earliest. 


I'll re-escalate this thread, as it appears to have been missed.


Let us know if this issue has been resolved. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.