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Order "Stuck" Between Systems

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I recently used the Home Move system to order TalkTalk Fibre Broadband to my new address after having TalkTalk Fast Broadband at our old address.


Our go-live date was yesterday and we're still getting the same error message stating that we don't have permission to view this directory whenever we try and connect using the new network. 


I live-chatted support this morning and was told that our order is "stuck" between systems and that it's going to take 72 hours to get it resolved and get us live! When I pressed I was then told it can be anytime 'up to' 72 hours, but after ending the chat I recieved SMS confirmation of a scheduled callback being booked for me on Saturday the 16th at 1:00PM.


I work in app development and have no idea how an order could get 'stuck' between systems, even if there was an issue it definitely wouldn't take 72 hours to resolve, I had a look around the forum and it seems like this issue has happened before to other customers - this feels like an excuse and I'm extremely unhappy, both me and my partner rely on our broadband for work and we're due to run out of our personal hotspot allowances today, it looks as if the forum is a better source of help than live chat from what I've read so I've posted my issue here - I've added all the information I have to my private notes, although my TalkTalk landline number is showing as disconnected on MyAccount due to the move, and I can't obtain my order number for the new order as my order tracker is no longer working 'due to technical issues'.


Can anyone help? I believe I'm still in my cooling off period so I'll be contacting other providers shortly if I can't get an answer soon as I really can't go without internet access for days and weeks on end.