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Overcharged on bill for 30 months

First Timer
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 I have just noticed a mistake on my account. I have been getting charged £4 a month for talktalk tv, a service that I never asked for, was never told that I had, and something that I would need a tv box for that I was never provided. Unfortunately I can only view bills back to 2020.  A talk talk customer service agent has informed me that TTTV was added to my account in March 2019, ie 30 months ago.

How do I go about recovering mu overcharge of £120+- please?

Apparently there is a complaint in process CMP-156652.

Somebody did try to call me twice when I was at work today, possibly TT, but left no message.


Support Team
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Hi KNewton


As mentioned because you have an open complaint. we on the community cannot interfere with any ongoing investigation. 


A manager within our complaints team  will be in contact with you within the next 5 working days. 


I hope you get the resolution that you are looking for.




Community Star
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There was quite a row when it was first introduced, @KNewton.


I know I only found out about it on here, not through a notification, and from browsing the forum I knew I had to ask for this not to be applied, and I need to make sure it is not applied EVERY TIME I  RENEW my contract. The issue was discussed in the wider media at the time it was introduced. 


As @martswain, says, if you have raised a complaint, staff cannot intervene, but I will escalate this thread into the workflow in case staff want to add any comment on here.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I think the fact it was included on your bill, which is fully itemised, for 30 months negates your argument that you were never told you had it.


Staff here cannot normally intervene once a formal complaint has been lodged.


You have to deal with whoever is handling your complaint.