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Package price query

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Please can you help?


My dad gets a bit confused so I am writing this on his behalf.


His package is fast broadband, tv and phone call boost.


He pays £14 a month for the call boost which is fair enough but he is paying

£32 a month for the tv box and all he gets its the fast broadband package. Therefore only get 10 mps speed.


Why on earth is he paying £32 for the slowest internet package when its advertised at £23 on your website?


Why isn't he on Fibre 65 plus tv for £29 a month?


Your site says Fibre 65 is £25 a month,  TV is £4 a month = £29 a month.

Adding call boost at £14 a month.

He is paying a ridicules price for the slowest internet package you have!

Please can you sort this out please. My dad has been a Talktalk customer for years and this is causing him some stress and not what he or we want at his age.


Thank you


Support Team
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Hi harveycatt


I suspect that your dad is out of contract and any discounts he may have had will have also ended, 

So I would suggest calling our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046 to negotiate a new deal. 


They will need to speak to the named account holder but once they have confirmed security you can take over on his behalf to get the best deal


Hope that helps. 






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Unfortunately staff here cannot arrange or modify contracts or offer any deals.


If Fibre 35 or 65 is available you can upgrade via your father's online account, look for Offers and Upgrades.


The other alternative is to call 0345 172 0046, ask for the Loyalty Team and negotiate a new deal, your father will have to pass security checks on the phone.


Best of luck !