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Power of Attorney and talk talk staff training

First Timer
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Please set up a system where you staff can easily see that someone has Power of Attorney over an account.  


Please consider some training in scenarios and situations your customer and the person with power of attorney would be in.  


For example my Mother who is 86 and has dementia cannot just be brought to the phone to speak to your staff as I am trying to manage her affairs from my own home address.   It would take me several telephone calls to the staff at her new retirement home to arrange for a BT telephone  to be taken to her room.     


When I first contacted Talk Talk to tell you that my mother who has dementia had moved to an old person's home I was assured that you could easily transfer her telephone number of 30 odd years and broadband to her new address.    My Mother has always insisted on staying with Talk Talk and I have always supported her decision.   I am now wondering if this was a mistake.    I cannot understand whether you have cancelled my Mother's number of 30 odd years which all her friends and relatives know or whether you can reinstate it.   I will of course be speaking to Ofcom.  




Community Manager
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Hey @Knotb,
Firstly I must apologise for the delay in responding, it appears we missed your post hence us taking a little while to reply. We take POA very seriously and where a customer has a POA in place and we've been notified this is clearly marked with the account along with this our support colleagues are also aware of this process and should be able to support you if contacting on behalf of an account holder when you have POA.
Would you like us to help with any specific, you mentioned the need to complete a home move and retain the phone number is this something you need assistance with?
Again I'm sorry we didn't provide the service we aim to deliver on your last contact with us.
Stephen, Community Manager