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Preparing to Leave. What equipment do I need to return?

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I have decided to take up TalkTalk's offer to leave before the end of my contract due to the price increases, and have been advised I would need to return any equipment I have or face a £50 charge.


This concerns me because I've been using my own router for the last 5-6 years, and have no idea what I've done with the various routers I've been sent at renewals over the years.


Also, my YouView box contract ended a long time ago, so had expected to keep and continue using it (just for freeview and iplayer, etc).


So just for clarification before I leave, what equipment am I specifically expected to return, as due to clause 7.2, I assumed I owned it?


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Hi sonesh, the first thing I'd do is do whatever you're doing and if we then contact you to return kit we'll be able to tell you what we're asking for. Otherwise it's entirely possible you're just wasting energy worrying about this for nothing.



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@sonesh  There are other threads on this, If you have completed the contract(s) were TT supplied the equipment, except for any replacement equipment, then that equipment is yours to keep, ie:- your property. It is TT making things up on the `hoof`as they go along.  That clause has been unchanged since at least 2019.

If case you have forgotten the Do’s and Don’ts. There are members that have. Remember:-Be yourself and tell it like it is,. Be courteous to other customers. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Update your community profile. The Forum Guidelines apply to ALL members there are/should be, NO exceptions. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. Now a wizard.

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I'm not sure that it does work in relation to the current Ts&Cs. 


Take a screenshot of them as they show today, as I think it is important to record the status quo.


I have nagged Talktalk about this, and will nag them again. They must conform to the current Ts&Cs or update them..... they shouldn't have a  silly halfway house situation. 




Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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How does that work in relation to the T&C clause 7.2?
"7.2 All such necessary equipment will be owned by us apart from the following equipment which
you will own:
(a) any router and/or set top box that we send you as part of a new service with us; and
(b) any equipment that you have paid for"


Surely this means the set top box is 100% mine to keep as it is the only box sent to me

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If you leave TalkTalk then we request for the TalkTalk router and the TalkTalk TV box to be returned.