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I've just joined up and due online at the beginning of nov.They told me you would be taking over my plusnet line and its all done automatically,but do I need to inform Plusnet,I need to know when to cancel my direct debit to them.


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Great,thanks very much for your help.

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...yes it happens if the Plusnet billing system for your account doesn't automatically cancel the Direct Debit.  One reason why the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme is so good. You just tell your bank of the error and they will immediately action a refund.


The notification of the switch of services from Plusnet to TalkTalk will also trigger a letter from both providers. The Plusnet letter acknowledges they're losing you (and of course asks you to reconsider) and that's also a good confirmation that in due course they'll close your services.


They're also required to tell you in that letter of any termination fees they may charge you. Your final bill from them will include any charges not yet applied to your account and any refund of advance charges up to the date of the switch of services. 


TalkTalk will liaise with Plusnet to ensure that there's minimal interruption to services and that your Plusnet billing will cease immediately after TalkTalk switch the services.

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Okay thanks,I spotted a similar question to this on the forum where the person was still being charged by former supplier so I thought I'd ask.


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Hi @taxineil 


The TalkTalk Sales page Switching to TalkTalk gives the advice you're looking for.


"If you're currently with BT, EE, PlusNet or Sky one of our agents will cancel your contract with them once you've placed your order with TalkTalk."


TalkTalk will notify Plusnet and will switch your 'phone number if you've requested that.


The advice about Direct Debits is usually to keep the Direct Debit active until the final bill is produced so that any residual amount owed can be drawn by the Direct Debit. Then cancel the Direct Debit directly with your bank or building society.


No need to worry about a wrong amount being taken as that's covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme. If you have online banking and you spot an incorrect amount taken by Direct Debit and you contact the bank the same day they'll reverse the payment immediately or if you contact the bank later they'll reverse the payment the next day.

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