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Price Increase during fixed price contract

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I am 13 months into a two year fixed cost contract. I have today received an email advising my monthly costs will be increasing by £2 a month; not a vast amount of money but unexpected.


Can TalkTalk increase costs during a fixed cost contract? If so can I terminate the contract without penalty? Pleased with the service overall but there are some keen offers around and it may be worth me moving.



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@gk141054 wrote:
I don't seem to have had the email about the increase. Have some people not been affected by the rise?
I'm on a discounted Fibre 65 deal at the moment.

You may not be affected if you are already on Fibre 65 which has annual increases built-in. I think they are mostly targeting those on “fixed price” legacy contracts.

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Hi everyone, just seen an article online about the increases that linked here. Looks like I'm very late to the party. Apologies if my question has already been asked and answered, TLDR.

I don't seem to have had the email about the increase. Have some people not been affected by the rise?

I'm on a discounted Fibre 65 deal at the moment.

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@ Futaura

I have the "Everything you need to know" email now-

Set-up Fee - £60.00


£60 Setup Fee Welcome Credit

So, looking good.




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@jaspertat Not AFAIK - I hope not, but I haven't had a bill since yet. I wouldn't have thought they would as they broke the contract in the first place, so we're sort of out of contract for those 30 days. Plus they've secured me as a customer for an extra 12 months.

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@ Futaura

Thanks for the the post. I have just come off the phone with the same deal. Did TT charge  you £30 because you were not within 90 days of the end of your contract? I forgot to ask.


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@AllyM I think I must have, sorry. 


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@ferguson , I think you must have me confused with someone else.

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@AllyM i thought from other posts of yours that you were not affected by the price rise this year and OCE Arne advised you accordingly?


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@Nexster, I did in fact get back on the phone and was offered a slightly better deal but she said she couldn't renew my contract as we are within the first 30 days of starting this one, so I have to phone back after that time is up - we'll see what happens at that point.


It seems that the deals are getting better and better as time goes on. those of us who renewed soon after the price increase announcements started don't seem to have been offered as good as those who are re-contracting now.



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£5 a month discount for 3 months for being a loyal customer you say.


I better get back on the phone! 🤣


Thats a great deal well done for negotiating that one. 👍


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I also didn't have any luck with live chat. I was halfway through a 24 month contract originally agreed at £28.95, which went up to £30.95 in January (calls boost) and to £32.95 next month. Live chat could not offer me anything better than £34 for the same plan that I am on now (Faster Fibre + Speed Boost + Unlimited UK Call Boost). So, I would have been better off staying as I was, obviously.


Live chat suggested I ring 0345 1725157. It has been many years since I've been unable to get a good deal through live chat, apart from last year which was not the best, but acceptable given the Covid situation 12 months ago. I didn't really fancy calling, as past experience was from an Indian call centre wasn't exactly good. However, I did call this morning and was surprised to get through to a UK call centre and to a very helpful, efficient, friendly person.


Thanks to previous replies from @Nexster and @stevieboy I had a target in my mind which was £20 per month. I'm not sure if the Plusnet offer is still valid, so I used NOW Broadband as my bargaining chip which is £25 per month for 12 months for Fibre 65 + Anytime calls and £90 TopCashback, making it equivalent to £17.50 per month (+£5 setup charge).


To my surprise, I was initially offered £22 for Fibre 65 + free UK calls boost for 24 months, which I was actually pretty pleased with, or £23.95 for the same on Fixed Price Plus for 18 months. I then mentioned the NOW Broadband price and cashback, and was then offered £20 for Fibre 65 + free UK calls boost for 24 months and a £5 per month loyalty discount for the first 3 months. So, I went with that 😀. The only thing I had to give up was the free Supersafe single device thingy which is no longer offered and I didn't want to bother paying £2 for multiple devices instead. I also didn't bother with Fixed Price Plus, as the price rise for the second year shouldn't be more than £2 per month anyway.


So, good deals are still there to be had, everyone - 0345 1725157 is the way to go. It is a bit of a chore having to call them, I know, but it was worth it for me and a much better experience than I had with haggling for a deal over the phone some years ago.

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Fixed Price was a lie.

Fixed Price Plus?

Who's going to fall for it again? D'uh!


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@ITTroll A personal opinion? I was offered "Fixed Price Plus" for an additional £3.95 a month. I cannot see the point of it at all. 

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Has anyone taken out the Fixed Price Plus (honest gov'nor really no increases this time) plan?


I thought initially that this might just be the planned April 2022 rise spread over the whole contract length to give you the same fixed price per month.


However the website says:

Fixed Price Plus - For a little more each month customers can secure long term price certainty with our Fixed Price Plus plans - enabling customers to fix their price for the entirety of their contract, with the added guarantee of no above inflation price rises when out of contract.


So is that no increases of any kind during the term of the contract, then only flat-rate inflation-based increases after that, forever? Of course, I imagine any discounts will disappear at contract end which would completely negate any saving achieved through having a fixed rate.


In my renewal call, I was told that with a standard plan I would have no price increases until April 2022. Then I can expect a ~5% increase for 6 months until contract end; total ~£6. I'm really not seeing what you gain from Fixed Price Plus.


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Been reading this thread from the start and can see why customers are indeed angry about these price rises.

I re-newed my contract last May, which had it,s own problems but eventually all was sorted including the monthly price, which was Fixed until Nov 2021!!

I have received the dreaded e-mail this morning regarding Price rises and feel very aggrieved at the way  TT have done this.

Yes, last year and this has been demanding on everyone but all Utilities etc are going up in price..just look at fuel prices (car)..they have been increasing on a daily basis over here!! (Don,t get me started on Brexit!!)

I will stay and pay the £2 increase, as switching looks like an extra hassle..Have been looking but prices are higher elsewhere. Yes, I have had problems with routers, connections etc...but when posted on here the OCE,s do do  their best to get sorted.

As said, I,ll be ringing Retentions in October and hope to get a similar deal to what  I,m on now, (hopefully)

It would be nice to know if indeed the hierarchy in TT read and get Feedback on these matters and then act ,specially when every-one is dealing with this pandemic. .probably not, thou.






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My fix was due to end later this year but similar to all of you my "fixed low price guarantee" (which aside from being on their website until recently was also at the bottom of every new invoice email from them) has been broken, so I'm off. If TalkTalk had decided to increase my monthly charge at the end of the term that would have been fair enough, but they've seen an opportunity here to push an increase onto their existing user base in what is likely a calculate gamble in how many users would want to switch whilst relying on their connection to work from home. 


To then kick sand in our eyes even more, they introduce "new flexible ways to pay". Pay more or give us money up front and this time we'll honour the deal we sold you, honest. 


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


My switch went in today, I'll be paying more per month and some may see that as cutting off my nose to spite my face, but consumers shouldn't stand for this sort of behaviour and the more that don't makes it less likely that firms will exhibit this sort of behaviour in the future. I can afford to pay more each month, others can't and normally I'd say "find a deal you can afford" whether it's mobile, broadband, TV or energy. But when those deals are changed mid-contract then something is wrong. I only hope that throughout the pandemic TalkTalk have exhibited the same understanding when people got in touch to tell them they were struggling with their monthly payments as they're pleading for now from their customers.


I used to work in the industry on the wholesale side up until 15 months ago so I'm well aware of how it all works (whether you've unbundled the exchange or buying wholesale, or whether you're a wholesale or managed reseller, where Openreach come into it all etc etc), as well as the Ofcom rules around what TalkTalk have done, but that doesn't change the fact that this is no way to treat customers. The staff I spoke to yesterday sounded stressed and depressed, I didn't add to it by taking it out on them as they've clearly been dumped on from a great height. I know if I was them I would have been embarrassed reading the script that 'other providers such as BT have also raised prices'.

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Cheers! Thank you.


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If your bill is made up at the end of this month, you'll get another email if your package is affected by the price rise, and it won't affect a bill dated in March, @Lambert.


The price change would come into effect from the date of your April bill, not sooner, so allowing you a 30 day notice period. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I only found out about the price rise today from a couple of mates. I haven't had a letter or an email. My understanding is that I should have been given 30 days notice so that I could cancel my contract without penalty before the price rise came in if I wanted to. Payment is made during the first week of the month so I'll have had only two weeks notice. Besides, as I have a contract with TalkTalk, I should have been informed by letter sent recorded delivery.


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@ITTroll wrote:

@AllyM wrote: I used to get about 17.5Mbps sync speed (approx 15Mbps download) on ADSL and I now get 35Mbps (33Mbps) on Fibre65.

Sounds like Fibre 35 would be a better package for your connection. They should have given you some expected speeds and a guaranteed minimum when going though the T&Cs. If that is not being met you can change/cancel.

Expected speed range was 32 to 52, so 35 is in that range.

I may have something in the pipeline, going to be about a month before I know if it's going to go through ok, so not going to say too much on here about it for now.