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Price change & Contract term

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Hi, I recently received a notification that my monthly fee will shortly go up by £2.50, even if I secured a fixed fee for 18 months as recently as last March. Of course, TalkTalk is giving us the choice to leave now with no penalties. However, I'd be happy to accept the increase only if it means that I'll be under no obligation to stay for the remaining 15 months, as this has basically been an unilateral move from them. Please can someone clarify this? I tried to reach some kind of private area, but this public space is all I could find. Thanks.


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I haggled and simply settled for a credit back on the immediate monthly increase, to avoid having to change company at an inconvenient time, @jaredaguilerasevilla.


 You can only leave without early termination fees within 30 days of this notice. You must ring them to let them know. 


03451 720046, after 9am. 


Outside the 30 days, early termination fees will apply while in contract. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.