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Price increase - Fixed Price contract

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I've received an email on 25 June 2021 advising that my monthly bill will go up by £2.50 per month from 25 July.  I signed up to a 24 month Fixed price contract that took effect from 19 March 2021.  Does this price increase affect me or will my price remain fixed for 24 months, as per my contract?


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Hi Krasnoludek


Im sorry that you are unhappy with our decision to raise prices


The price increase is allowed as part of the terms and condition's,  we have to give all customers 30 days notice and the option to leave as part of Ofcom guidelines. A lot of customers have contacted our loyalty team on 03451720046 and got a better deal. 


Hope that helps.







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I have a fixed 18 month contract from February 2021. In their welcoming letter they stated" THE PRICE YOU PAY IS FIXED-NO SNEAKY MID-CONTRACT PRICE RISES". They have now increased my monthly cost. They have broken their promise. Is that legally acceptable?

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This is very interesting. I renewed my contract on 7th March and the new service took effect from 18th march. I haven't had the latest price increase email but maybe there is hope yet. When I called up yesterday they told me it will cost me £211 to get out of my contract.


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If you have received the email, it should give you 30 days in which you can leave without penalty  - in practice many people simply call up and haggle to mitigate the charge,  @Neltham.


You'd need to phone 03451 720046 (Monday to Saturday) after 9am. They close 6pm on Saturdays, 7pm on other days.


However, so far we have only seen this notice applied to those accounts taken out before March this year.


Talktalk is applying its own get out clause which already lurked in the Ts&Cs (see link at foot of page, then clause 16). They have modified the Ts&Cs in clause 9 too, to allow a CPI + 3.7% increase every April too.


I can't see how these inflation busting increases will be sustainable or even affordable longterm for many customers, but this seems to be the approach going forward for the time being. 


If you need help from TT staff, please complete your community forum profile details. Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. 


This will enable them to identify your account. They respond Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.