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Price increase email not received

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Coming to the community as I've had a poor experience on the phone. 


My bill came through yesterday, and as usual, I gave it a quick check over to make sure it was nothing more than the normal £24 as I never use my landline phone. To my surprise, it was £26.50. Having checked the bill I could see this was made up completely of monthly charges - not call charges.


I went back to my original order email and confirmed that I am on a fixed price for 18 months deal. I called TalkTalk to find out what was going on.


They told me:


  • That I'm not on a fixed price deal despite me deliberately signing up for one and my email saying so.
  • They sent me an email to inform me of the price increase on 17th June.

I can say with some certainty that I did not receive the email. I've checked my inbox, deleted items folder, and Junk email folder and there is nothing there from TalkTalk about a price increase. I even recovered deleted items but there is nothing there from TalkTalk. I have every other bill, order confirmation email, direct debit confirmation email, and customer service email but I do not have the price increase email. 


Receiving my bill on 20th July and noticing the price increase means I was unable to exercise my right to cancel within 30 days, and that's a real problem for me because I would have exercised the right immediately. I've had to reset my router countless times and I just don't feel the service is up to scratch, this would have been a good opportunity to part ways and join Vodafone Fibre to the Premises.


Talk Talk maintains that because the 30 days have elapsed, I must pay the early exit fees. I can't help but feel a little hard done by here because


  1. I am certain I did not receive the email
  2. I am on a fixed plan, Talk Talk broke the terms of the contract, to put a time limit on me leaving without first informing me seems unfair.
  3. Important information like this should be sent by letter. Talk Talk informed me that I have no preference set for communication - surely important changes such as a breach of contract should be sent by letter in the first instance rather than defaulting to email. 

Having read the forums I can see I am not the only one that has not received the email.


Sandi in the South African call centre told me that the email was sent from the same email address as the one the bills are sent out from i.e.

but the only emails I have from this address are my bills. Can anyone else confirm if this was the email address used? I'm confident I have not received it but if it was a different address I could use the address to search my emails with a narrower focus just in case I am wrong.


The people on the phone sound like they have been trained to deny anything and everything which might result in a customer being able to leave, I was sick of being talked over on the phone all the time so thought i might get this in writing for my own benefit.


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Matter closed. CEO office allowed the cancellation to proceed without charge. They didn't say whether they had investigated if the email had been sent or not, only that I was free to leave.


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Hi Supsup01


I can see that you now have an open complaint with our CEO office. 


Because of this, we on the community cannot interfere with any ongoing investigation. 

A manager within our CEO office will be in contact with you to discuss this.


I hope you get the resolution that you are looking for.





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Our notification on 8th July was from TalkTalk <>.


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If by "check" on the notification you mean they'll tell me  "our system says it was sent at this date and time" they needn't bother, i've been through all that on the phone. Why couldn't they have just put it on the bill like they did in May to inform us of the pricing increase for call rates? It was in the body of the email and was even headed "Important Pricing Update"


When i logged the complaint with Sandi yesterday, she told me she would send me a copy of the email informing me of the pricing update - i still don't have it. As of right now, the only notification i have received is the increased price indicated on my bill on the 20th July.

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@Supsup01 If you wait for the support team to respond they can check on the notification for you. 


@Feebee22 Please start your own topic and complete your community profile if you want this looked into. 


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I also did not receive the email informing me of the price change.

The 1st notification I received was when my bill arrived yesterday & they wouldn’t allow me to use that as my notification period. It was either put up with the price rise or sign a new contract. 

The 1st person I spoke to on the retentions team said if I signed a new 18 month contract it would be fixed with no price rises. 

I spoke to someone else half an hour later who said that was wrong & all contracts were subject to a 3.7% annual rise in April to keep in line with inflation.

This company is a total joke they haven’t a clue what they are doing or talking about.

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I think I began the sentence by stating that it was an opinion - your confirmation that it's only an opinion isn't helpful, it's almost like you're saying like it or lump it. I fail to see the value you're trying to add (if any?). Anyway, that's all a bit of an aside, the main issue here is that I didn't receive the email and so could not exercise my right to cancel.

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Unfortunately your opinion regarding a breach of contract and the price rise is just that.


You may be annoyed, as a lot of us were, but TT have abided by the law and terms we signed up to.


The subject has been done to death on here, the MoneySavingExpert forum and in the press.


If there was any legal recourse, OFCOM and the no win no fee firms would have been all over it.


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Well, I'm of the opinion that there was a breach of contract. I contracted (in-part) based on the no price rise guarantee because my previous supplier had just hiked my bill so I voted with my feet.


A guarantee is a guarantee no matter which dictionary is your preferred choice. Writing a clause in the contract which enables price rises invalidates that guarantee. So either the contract has been broken or the contract has not been broken and I have been mis-sold by false advertising. 


I have already investigated the time and date of the email with talk talk as mentioned in my previous email. A search of my email account for returns nothing but thanks for the info. My Junk emails are kept for a period of 70 days - 10 days in Junk, a further 30 in deleted items. Items deleted from the deleted folder are then recoverable for a further 30 days. Indeed, I can recover other junk email received prior to 17th June which is when TalkTalk said they sent it.



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My notification email in April, the prior round,  came from


It arrived one day before my bill, so 32 days before the price rise.


If it went to your spam box, it may well have been automatically deleted after 30 days so that is why you cannot find it.


A staff member will be able to advise you when and to what email it was sent.


Edit in.


There was no breach of contract, they applied a clause in the Ts and Cs.


If you were on paper billing I am sure it would have appeared on that in writing, but as you and I have obviously opted out of that as it would cost us, notification of all changes by email is what we get.