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Price increase on fixed contract?

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I've just checked my recent bill at it's increased! How can this be when I'm on a fixed price for 18 month contract?


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Well it would help if they include a subject title in their emails.

But I see TalkTalk are living up to the reputation as one of the worst ISPs in the UK. 

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@dcwt2010  there is no escalation available to you, all you can do is call the loyalty team and see if they can offer you a deal, watch out for the £30 mid-contract change fee that can be applied.


Staff here cannot offer deals, they'll point you in exactly the same direction, 0345 172 0046 and the loyalty team.


"Memo to you : Read all emails from TalkTalk" 


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I knew it was coming but was waiting for a letter or email. Turns out they sent an email but it had no title into it so like the OP I didn't realise until the new bill came through.
Now I have exceeded the 30 days cut off but I am livid, firstly for raising price just 6 months into a contract but also how they hide the email by having no title. I can't even get to them through Livechat because as I speak it says they have no one available. How do I escalate without spending hours waiting on the phone?

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It wasn't very ethical, but their Ts and Cs allowed it and as per the agreement with OFCOM all they had to do was give notice and a 30 day period in which customers could leave without penalty.


They even had a dedicated phone number for disgruntled customers during the first wave !


A lot of us called and expressed our annoyance and personally I am now paying £3.95 less that I would have been if I had accepted the price rise.




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I did get an email regarding but I thought they'd made an error with being a fixed price customer and thought nothing more about it. I've since been reading up on the situation and there are loads of unhappy TT customers regarding this. A fixed price for the duration of a contract should absolutely mean that. It's not right ☹️

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TT invoked a clause in their Ts and Cs.


This happened in March/April for some customers with a second wave in the last two months.


It has been discussed in hundreds of posts here and in the press.


All customers affected were notified by email around their billing date a month before the rise was applicable and we were all given 30 days to leave without penalty, also as per the Ts and Cs.


Suggest you check your old emails from TT.