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Problems renewing my contract

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I thought that I'd share my experience of trying to take up some Talktalk offers when my contract was due to be renewed.  I did try to reach out to a complaint email address, but clearly these don't exist and I've spent enough time chatting to their helpful service agents.


In early March I received an email offering me renewal of fibre broadband which I responded to by clicking on the button in the email, however, it became apparent that this link hadn’t worked as when I checked a couple of weeks later I saw a large bill for April and when I checked with the on-line chat service they confirmed that I hadn’t ordered anything and offered me an upgrade to Fibre65 with no mention of any setup fee or TalkTalk TV.  I was also requested the UK call boost as per the offer shown online.  A couple of days later I received confirmation that the new broadband service was live I checked my account and discovered that the discount for the call boost hadn't been applied.  I tried to apply the offer myself, but it wouldn't offer me the advertised price and ended up having to contact the service centre again in order to get the call boost for the offered price.


A few days later I received written confirmation of my new service which told me that I'd paying significantly more for the new service, I'd be charged for setup and implied that I'd receive a Talktalk set-top box which hadn't been mentioned during the conversation with service centre agents.


So was it just me or is this a typical experience for an existing customer trying to renew for a good price:

  • Offers in emails and on the website which I can’t apply for online and I have to contact the service service to get something roughly like I was offered?  After all it must cost Talktalk money to handle what is generally known as failure demand which we're all paying for in our payments to Talktalk.  Let alone annoying customers and wasting their time to sort this out.
  • Has anyone else asked for Fibre 65 and then received a letter saying that they're receiving Talktalk TV.  So far I haven't received a Talktalk TV box, not that I particularly want one.
  • Has anyone else been sent a written confirmation of the new service which is different to how it was described in the chat with the service agents and in the confirmation email?  I await my next monthly bill to see which version of the bill I'm going to get.

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HI Michelle, I'm waiting to see my bill in May to see what I'm being charged.  The main point of the post was to highlight the way in which Talktalk is undermining customer satisfaction with email links that don't work and offers on websites that you can't have without contacting customer services.  All of which is being paid for by your customers.


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I'm sorry to hear this. Have you managed to contact our Loyalty Team since your last post?





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There have been many reports of the email offer renewals not working I am sorry to say.


However, if you contact the customer loyalty team directly by calling 0345 172 0088 they can discuss all aspects of a new package, including whether or not you want TV, anytime calls etc.