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Re: New Charge for TALKTALK TV Service - to be applied mid contract

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@Gondola wrote:

Hi @mc2tt


Removing TalkTalk TV from your account will not impact the way you use your Smart TV.  So, if you aren't a TalkTalk TV customer and make no use of the TV Box for TV Boosts, players/apps or viewing of purchased films etc then going on to LiveChat and asking for the team to remove TalkTalk TV from your account will save you the £4 charge.

Well it seems I am a TalkTalk TV customer according to the email I received but, as I say, I've never bought anything, boosts or films, and I only turn on the YouView box on the rare occasions when I'm recording programmes on both my smart TV and my PVR and I want to watch yet something else (on a third mux), so I only use it as Freeview box anyway and then maybe just a couple of times a year


Anyway, ok, I guess my main concern was that as part of removing TT TV they might change QoS or some other settings on my BB that would affect the streaming apps on my smart TV.


That and the "Thinking about leaving TalkTalk TV? We’re sorry to hear that. If you want to leave TalkTalk during your contract you will incur early termination charges." in the FAQ when I looked at it yesterday, but I see that the last sentence has now been removed (revision 58 of the article).


Anyway, while I'm 99.9% sure I'll be asking for TalkTalk TV to be removed from my account, as the supposed "new benefits" haven't been announced yet, and I have a month to go before the £4 charge starts, I guess it'd be prudent to wait to see what's being offered, so I'll put a note in my calendar to revisit this in three weeks time....


Community Manager
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Hey @mc2tt,


I've moved you're post its own thread to help prevent any of your messages getting missed the other thread is getting busy which makes it tricky to answer everyone. 


If you don't use the TV service and not taking advantage of the other benefits then TV can be removed from your package and you won't see any detriment to your broadband service as a result. 

Stephen, Community Manager