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Re: New Charge for TALKTALK TV Service - to be applied mid contract

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I have renewed my contract with them today and mentioned I'm not prepared to pay the £4 for this so called free box. I was told as I don't use any tv boosts I won't be charged. I can use it as a free view box, however I can't use catch up or I player. I have spent 9 hours on the phone with talk talk in the last two days. They are a waste of time! !!!

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Hi Stephen,
I only use the TV as a free view box to watch and record. The lady on the phone said I wouldn't be charged a fee but never said if it was being removed. I had told her I wasnt prepared to pay £4 when I can quite easily purchase a cheap box if I needed too. I'm still unable to access my account online so haven't a clue what's happening.
Thanks if you can check

Community Manager
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Hey @Debboop1969,


I just wanted to provide a point of clarity, If you have TV on your package then you will be charged the fee, solely not using any TV boots doesn't mitigate the fee. I wanted to clarify this as it sounds like you may have been given incorrect information by my colleague. 


Do you know if they said they would remove TV from your account? We can remove it from your account if you're not going to be making use of any of the TV benefits.

Stephen, Community Manager

Community Star
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@Debboop1969  If you choose to cancel the TV fee you can carry on using all the features of your box including BBC iPlayer etc, but you will no longer have access to TalkTalk TV services.