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Recontracted a week ago - no change in billing

Enlightened One
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I recontracted using a link on MY ACCOUNT at £23.50 - Which incidentally is STILL there !

This was a week ago - yet, despite receiving an email confirming this - no change has been

made in BILLING - why not ?

This will save me £4.50 per month - because my call boost discount will still apply for 18 months



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still waiting for a solution - or do you want me to start the complants procedure ?


Enlightened One
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Whilst it may be "best  to contact the loyalty team before recontracting" on some ocassions ..... In my case, I have only just recontracted a month ago and saw this even better deal - so simply applied for it (no recontract fee applied  too) - the difference being that there is no extra £2.50 charge for FASTER fibre !

They are trying to charge me for the speed boost - But the speed boost is included in the price of £23.50

But since TT appear to be unable to even apply the saving offered - it looks like the start of a CEDR complaint !

I have proof of my application - I have an email dated 25th December (attached) - but I am still being charged £27.50 (that's £25 + £2.50 for a speed boost) ..with unlimited calls package at £7.50 - total of £35.00 - should be £23.50 + £7.50 - total £31.00 - fixed for 24 months

Why ?

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I always think it is best to contact the loyalty team when renewing a contract. That way you can discuss, negotiate and clarify what you are getting and for what price before you agree to it rather than clicking some link and then having to deal with the fallout if it doesn't turn out the way you expected it.

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@Weevie , the boost is always carried over, so unless you actually remove it yourself it will continue to be applied (at least as a chargeable boost) just like your Anytime Calls boost.


Probably it would have been safer to remove it first before trying to set up the new contract?


If it's included as part of the new deal I'm sure they should be able to reset this for you manually - probably beyond the reach of auto settings in My Account!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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The screenshot IS from MYACCOUNT / Offers and Upgrades

If it had been from elsewhere - it would have shown as being just £21.95 which is what new customers pay !

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I think we may indeed have been here before. That screenshot is not from My Account. It looks like your renewal was as set out in My Account with your existing Boost discounts carried over.  


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No - fibre speed boost not relevant - unless you are tryng to double charge for 67Mbps

The price quoted is for a 67Mbps connection

As in attached

We've been here before - haven't we ?


Support Team
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Hi Weevie


Just to confirm your contract was renewed 26.12.19

Faster Fibre   £23.50
Unlimited calls boost £7.50
Fibre Speed boost £2.50


Hope that helps.





Support Team
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Hi Weevie


I will look into this for you and get back to you.