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Recontracted a week ago - no change in billing

Enlightened One
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I recontracted using a link on MY ACCOUNT at £23.50 - Which incidentally is STILL there !

This was a week ago - yet, despite receiving an email confirming this - no change has been

made in BILLING - why not ?

This will save me £4.50 per month - because my call boost discount will still apply for 18 months



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@john heaven, you need to start your own thread.


Follow instructions on the community forum to make sure they have up to date profile information for you, and the OCE will be able to check the status of your contract etc.


Weevie's issue is quite complicated enough already, so don't add to it on this thread!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

john heaven
First Timer
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i was offered a new contract a week ago and i cant view it therefore unsure if this has been completed - how can i check  


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It is already on this forum - Attached to post number 18

It clearly states that my FASTER speed will be min 68.6Mbps @ £23.50

order number is N71536400



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@Weevie can you PM me the confirmation email that you received, that shows that the Speed boost should be included in the offer.  


Once I have this I can take action. 

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I have flagged this up for you again.

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Any chance of an update ?

Its all well and good being told that someone will help me "next week" but how long am I supposed to wait ?


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Weevie, I can see you are right. Probably the OCEs can also see you are right but please appreciate it could put them in an awkward position to say so here. This forum can be very useful in filling gaps elsewhere in TT's support. but needs to be used with a bit of tact and diplomacy.


Ferguson, no need to start my own thread, my problem appears to be sorted as a credit appeared on my account today. I doubt my complaint actually helped, in fact I suspect no-one even read it yet. But actually I'd still be really interested to know if emailed complaints are dealt with in South Africa. But my main reason for being in this thread is to help Weevie.


And with that in mind I'd like to point out that a failure to bill according to the contract is a breach of contract, so you don't need to consider yourself bound by the 24 month contract you recently entered into. Of course it isn't that simple (TT would fight you I'm sure) but my reason for mentioning it is that it gives you an excuse to speak to the Loyalty Team (who might just offer you an even better deal as some sort of compensation for the way you have been messed about).


I'm not recommending that you use it to jump away from TT, there are far worse ISPs out there. Am I allowed to mention them by name here ? One is in Sheffield, acquired in 2007 by the UK's biggest telecoms company (but continues to operate independently), and it also runs a service under the name of a very well known retail "partnership". I was (repeatedly) misbilled there and successfully used this to escape my fixed-term contract with them. I can be very critical of TT, but honestly I'm (mostly) very happy to be back here after that dismal experience.


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OCE Arne was under the impression that you had raised a complaint. You advised that you hadn't and asked for his help. This he will surely give, but only when he is back online next week. In the meantime there is little point in the rest of us arguing about it.


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OK I apologise - but why can nobody see that I am right ?


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Hey, it's not for me to answer. And I am sure you are well aware that the OCE are not online at weekends. Perhaps you could leave your foul-mouthed threats for now? 


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Since you appear unable to even answer my latest post

I will give you until Monday at 16:00 to come up with a solution before it REALLY hits the fan - I will take this as far as it needs - ie CEO ain't seen nothing yet ..

I willl start with social media and work upwards !


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@Arne-TalkTalk @Branta 

"Screenshots are little evidence of anything other than offers I'm afraid, you need solid confirmation of any deal. And while a complaint is sadly sometimes required as a last resort, it is often best to try the community OCE first, which is what I believe is now doing."


What about an email - confirming my new contract ?

This clearly states £23.50 for a 70 Mbps connection

NOT + an extra boost charge for a faster connection....

and £0 for contract fee


I too emailed on 04/01/2020 and have not heard a thing back !!

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Hey @Branta i was suggesting nothing of the kind as I am sure you are aware. If you have any issues of your own to discuss then start your own topic.


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Hi ferguson, surely you aren't suggesting it's perfectly o.k for TT to offer something they can't or won't supply ?


But wait a minute, I seem to remember the debacle of the TT website continuing to offer a TT SIM (free with landline account) some time after the whole idea of a TT SIM was history.  I must have a dig in the forum archives to see what happened to the folks that fell for that one.  Some (armed with screenshots) seemed pretty determined not to be fobbed off, I recall.

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@Branta Screenshots are little evidence of anything other than offers I'm afraid, you need solid confirmation of any deal. And while a complaint is sadly sometimes required as a last resort, it is often best to try the community OCE first, which is what I believe @Weevie is now doing.


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So I called TalkTalk on the 6th December to whinge about my "calls boost" being priced upwards whilst I was still captive (for a few more months) to an 18 month contract. I got passed to the loyalty team who offered me a new deal which appears to be even better than the one that you got (albeit only 18 months) as the call boost got thrown in.


But the confirmatory email talked about a £30 one-off "contract admin fee", which definitely was NOT mentioned when selling me the new contract. So this time I used "chat" (wanting a hard copy of the conversation this time), and was told that a £30 credit had already been placed on my account so that the £30 charge wouldn't effectively be applied.


But January's bill shows the £30 charge (and no credit). So I fired off an email of complaint to Automated reply tells me to expect a reply within 24 hours (complaints procedure had mentioned 72 hours) but in the event I have heard nothing for more than 5 days (that's 5 "working" days). And the direct debit got taken (at the incorrect and higher level).


Another "chat" and I'm assured I've been already told I would need to contact them again (after charge appears on my bill) to get the charge removed (of course I have the original chat transcript and this simply isn't true). This time I'm told the credit will show in my TT account within 24 hours, after which time I can ask them to refund it to my bank. If it actually happens I'll be astonished, after the experience so far.


Look I can see that no-one from "the team" here is going to lift a finger as I already have an open complaint (well two complaints now, actually). But I really would like to know if my first emailed complaint to will have gone straight to South Africa to be dealt with. Because I'm effectively complaining about what TT's South African call centre have told me (or not told me ?), you'll forgive me for wondering if it just got deleted.


Weevie, very well done for getting the screenshots. I also tend to take precautions like that when dealing with suppliers I don't trust. You probably will have to make a formal complaint to get anywhere. Not that you'll get anywhere with TT, but there are other places you can take the complaint, you just have to give TT a shot at it first to satisfy the rules.  Though it could be that trading standards might be interested even at this stage, because we really shouldn't have to scream and shout to get what we were promised.

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I haven't yet started the complaints procedure - please help me !


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Each time you post you put yourself to the back of the queue.  I would have asked you to PM the confirmation email, however as you have now started a complaint, we have to allow the process to complete. 


Hope you get the resolution you want. 


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OK starting the complaints procedure !